DEBT SUICIDE: Democrats pushing for $3.4 trillion in new “stimulus” money to bail out failing Democrat-run states –

Image: DEBT SUICIDE: Democrats pushing for $3.4 trillion in new “stimulus” money to bail out failing Democrat-run states

Source: DEBT SUICIDE: Democrats pushing for $3.4 trillion in new “stimulus” money to bail out failing Democrat-run states –

Friday, August 07, 2020 by: 

(Natural NewsCNN‘s Manu Raju recently asked House Speaker Nancy Pelosi what it would take for House Democrats to support the new proposed stimulus deal, and her response was $3.4 trillion in funding for failing states that are going bankrupt, many of which are run by Democrats.

Indicating that she has no plans to budge on the $3 trillion stimulus package passed by the House back in May, Pelosi upped the ante by adding on another $400 billion, which she says would convince her to “settle” on a deal.

While holding the rest of the country hostage from receiving much-needed funding, Pelosi is demanding that the cash start flowing if her side of the aisle is to ever cooperate with the Republicans on getting a bill passed.

“We are just right now identifying the justification for what we’re saying it costs, how the money would be spent,” Pelosi is quoted as saying, adding that, “At some point, you just have to freeze the design.”

“And we’re asking the same for some of the things they are talking about, so that we have a clear understanding. So it’s productive in that regard.”

In response to Pelosi’s demands, White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany stated that it represents “a mockery” of the process, which is supposed to be a bipartisan effort to help the American people recover from the effects of the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis.

“It is Nancy Pelosi, it is Chuck Schumer, that are making an absolute mockery of this process,” McEnany is quoted as saying.

More related news about the Democrat response to the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) fallout is available at

McConnell patently rejects Pelosi’s stimulus proposal, defends Senate GOP’s $1 trillion alternative package

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell expressed vehement opposition to Pelosi’s demands, calling the Democrat stimulus package “another big laundry list.” Instead, he would rather see the Senate GOP’s $1 trillion stimulus bill get passed, which costs less than one third of what the Democrats are proposing.

Top Democrat and White House negotiators sparred at length with one another this past week in the hopes of reaching an agreed-upon deal, but nothing has thus far been solidified. Meanwhile, key deadlines have come and gone, and it would appear as though mass chaos is soon on the way.

The federal eviction moratorium, as one prominent example, recently expired, leaving tens of millions of Americans who are still without jobs unable to pay their rents. Many of them could get evicted, in other words, which would create waves of homelessness unlike anything this country has seen in recent history.

Federal unemployment benefits have also expired, leaving untold millions without the incomes they need to continue making ends meet.

Pelosi claims that she is concerned about these things and hopes to reach a deal with the Republicans very soon. However, she has continually held back the process with unreasonable demands that more than likely will never gain Republican support.

“And now we just have to negotiate what comes next,” Pelosi concluded about what she and her Democrat colleagues have planned for getting their way.

Many casual observers are mortified that this is the current state of our Republic, which is on the verge of total collapse because the two sides of the aisle are unable to cooperate and come to an agreement.

“We are debt slaves with a printing press,” wrote one Zero Hedge commenter, getting straight to the point. “The reaper is at the doorstep, though.”

“Yeah, this country is not worth fighting for in its current state,” wrote another. “Bring back the Bill of Rights, and maybe.”

MADNESS: West Virginia University police chief facing calls for his firing because he hung a police flag in his HOME –

Image: MADNESS: West Virginia University police chief facing calls for his firing because he hung a police flag in his HOME

Source: MADNESS: West Virginia University police chief facing calls for his firing because he hung a police flag in his HOME –

Friday, August 07, 2020 by: 

(Natural News) The ‘woke’ Leftist mobs being indoctrinated by the nation’s public school system and centers of ‘higher education’ to hate America and all of its institutions claimed another victim last week.

The chief of campus police at West Virginia University was forced to apologize to angry intolerant students after they saw a “thin blue line” version of the American flag, which honors police officers, hanging inside his home during a Zoom video call.

According to Campus Reform, Chief W.P. Chedester actually said he was sorry for the “hurt” that his flag may have caused the little melting flakes of Leftist snow.

In a statement he said: 

Earlier today I participated in a virtual Campus Conversation with our vice president of diversity, Equity and inclusion. Our goal was to focus on how we can work together to foster a safe, diverse and inclusive culture at WVU. 

I participated from my office, and on the wall behind me was an American flag with a blue stripe that I had been given as a gift. For me personally, it has always represented a way to honor the commitment I made as a first responder to protect our community. I understand now that it represents something else to many others; something that I now know was traumatic to some of our community tuning in for our Conversation. I sincerely did not have any intent to suggest that police lives matter more than Black lives nor was I intentionally trying to cause any harm or offense.  

I apologize for how this has damaged the trust I have worked to build with the community. I am committed to rebuilding that trust beginning today. I am taking the flag down from my office wall.

He went on to say that the George Floyd incident “has made it clear that we have much work to do in our country and in our own communities” — though that incident had nothing at all to do with the West Virginia University Campus Police.

It seems rather unbelievable that a police chief would be so hard-up to keep his job that he would bend over for the outrage mob instead of telling the university to pound sand and the little melting flakes of snow to grow up.

What’s more, as in every single similar instance where the Left-wing mob gets ‘insulted,’ it’s always the ‘offender’ who has to apologize, not the offended.

And you’ll notice, too, that they all use the same inaccurate language: Words like “inclusive,” “diverse,” “tolerant.”

How ‘inclusive’ is it to exclude someone else’s point of view simply because you choose to be offended (and being offended is a choice)? 

Where is the “diversity” of thought in savaging a police officer who obviously likes and respects his profession? Would the same woke ‘diversity’ champions like it if the police chief trashed college students and professors because they ‘offend’ him? (Related: Left-wing university president says suppressing diversity of speech promotes “intellectual diversity.”)

And it’s anything but tolerant to insist that Chedester apologize and/or be reprimanded for a point of view — no matter what that point of view happens to be.

Finally, let’s not forget he’s a police officer, not a KKK member or a terrorist.

But in the end, Chedester’s disgusting mea culpa wasn’t enough. The position of Chief of Police must now be cleansed and made whole again, and for that to happen, well, Chedester’s gotta go.

“The only way forward is with his resignation. Why is it so difficult to comprehend?” one user wrote in response to the chief’s apology.

But that’s not even the worst of it. According to Campus Reform, assistant professor in WVU’s Department of English Rose Casey actually claimed that the thin blue line flag is “associated with white supremacy.”

Americans who willingly succumb to this kind of blatant cultural bigotry and intolerance are no longer free. Just saying.


TIME’S UP! Health Ranger warns we’ve reached the “tipping point into a collapse spiral” that cannot be halted –

Image: TIME’S UP! Health Ranger warns we’ve reached the “tipping point into a collapse spiral” that cannot be halted

Source: TIME’S UP! Health Ranger warns we’ve reached the “tipping point into a collapse spiral” that cannot be halted –


(Natural News) This is it, folks: We’ve triggered a tipping point that’s now plunging America into a self-reinforcing collapse spiral that cannot be halted. The weaponized lockdowns were maliciously extended month after month in a deliberate effort to crush the U.S. economy, cause widespread business failures and reckless levels of unemployment. This was all carried out by Democrat mayors and governors as a deliberate assault on Donald Trump’s America.

There are plenty of fools who think this can all be undone after the election, but that’s a tragic miscalculation. The destruction of business infrastructure, food supply lines and economic opportunity was carried out on such a grand scale that it has now reached a “snowball effect” tipping point of self-reinforcing economic destruction.

We are beyond the point of no return.

It’s like a Beirut bomb of debt has just been ignited. And the results will be catastrophic.

Tens of millions of new homeless before the end of the year

We’re talking about tens of millions of Americans becoming homeless before the end of this year. Mass starvation as food inflation reaches new, insane levels. Explosions in crime across U.S. cities where woketard Democrats have worked to abolish or defund police, which is already leading to record increases in rapes, murders and other violent crimes. (Democrats have become the pro-crime political party, and they all endorse left-wing terrorists like Antifa. If you vote Democrat this year, you are voting for rapists, arsonists, terrorists and murderers.)

If you have failed to prepare for the chaos explosion that’s coming, you have now reached the end of the window of opportunity to get ready. There will be no more advanced warnings and no pauses. The sh#t is already hitting the fan right now, with each passing day that the lunatic Left pushes for civil war in the streets of Portland, for example, where even the woketard left-leaning mayor is now pleading with terrorists to stop trying to “murder” police officers by burning down their buildings. Via

Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler (D) on Thursday condemned the violence that recently convulsed his city, stating demonstrators are “attempting to commit murder” following an attack on East Precinct, where violent left-wing agitators attempted to set it ablaze.

“When you commit arson with an accelerant in an attempt to burn down a building that is occupied by people who you have intentionally trapped inside, you are not demonstrating, you are attempting to commit murder,” Mayor Wheeler, who has remained relatively soft on demonstrators — even joining them last month — said.

Well, Ted “Woketard” Wheeler, if they’re murderers perhaps you shouldn’t have supported them for the last 70 days.

This moment of sudden awareness that they’ve been promoting mass murderers is going to strike many Democrat mayors and governors in the coming months, for they’ve coddled and excused violent left-wing mobs that will gladly rape and murder the very Democrats that supporters them, merely because they’re White people.

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Europe’s Top Health Officials Say Masks Aren’t Helpful in Beating COVID-19 – Foundation for Economic Education

Source: Europe’s Top Health Officials Say Masks Aren’t Helpful in Beating COVID-19 – Foundation for Economic Education

The top medical experts in the world can’t decide if masks are helpful in reducing the spread of COVID-19 or just make things worse.

The problem with mask mandates is that public health officials are not merely recommending a precaution that may or may not be effective.

They are using force to make people submit to a state order that could ultimately make individuals or entire populations sicker, according to world-leading public health officials.

That is not just a violation of the Effectiveness Principle. It’s a violation of a basic personal freedom.


Government conducting clinical trials to learn how best to manipulate Americans to take covid-19 shots –

Image: Government conducting clinical trials to learn how best to manipulate Americans to take covid-19 shots

Source: Government conducting clinical trials to learn how best to manipulate Americans to take covid-19 shots –

Wednesday, August 05, 2020 by: 

(Natural News) The percentage of Americans who plan to get the new covid-19 vaccine continues to fall. Yahoo News and YouGov polled Americans in early May and only 55 percent said they would get the new vaccines. The number shrank to 50 percent later that month and fell to 46 percent in early July. By the end of July, the number had fallen to a mere 42 percent.

In order to manipulate Americans to take upcoming rushed covid-19 shots, the federal government got together with Yale researchers to conduct clinical trials to learn how best to manipulate the public.

Top 10 ways to manipulate the public’s emotions to get them to vaccinate

Since the new covid-19 vaccines are too big to fail, with billions of dollars of taxpayer funds invested into the vaccine companies, the government must make sure that everyone abides by the new vaccine science. The clinical trial tests out 10 different messages about vaccinating and how to best convince people to comply with upcoming vaccines.

The participants in the study were recruited and randomly selected to one of twelve groups. One of the groups served as a control; these participants received messaging on a random topic. Another group served as a baseline and received a universal message about the benefits of vaccinating. The other ten groups were additionally given messages that appealed to their emotions — their guilt, anger, embarrassment, and pride, to name a few. The behavioral researchers are currently studying the participants’ willingness to get a covid-19 vaccine at three months and at six months after it becomes available.

The clinical study also investigates secondary outcome measures. After the messaging, the researchers measured the person’s confidence level toward the vaccine, how willing they would be to persuade others to take the vaccine, how uncomfortable they would be around someone who did not vaccinate, while measuring their trustworthiness, selfishness, likeableness, and competence toward others who do not get the vaccines.

Personal freedom message

This tactic tried to convince participants that COVID-19 is limiting people’s personal freedom (even though government and institutional leaders are the ones restricting freedoms and imposing arbitrary controls). By working together to get enough people vaccinated, society can preserve its personal freedom, according to the message.

Economic freedom message

This tactic tried to convince participants that COVID-19 is limiting people’s economic freedom and instructed that all people work together by vaccinating.

Self-interest message

This message is about convincing people that COVID-19 presents a real danger to one’s health, that their immune system is incapable and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop it, no matter if they are young and healthy. Getting the vaccine is the best thing you can do to keep yourself safe.

Community interest message

This message tried to manipulate participants into feeling false guilt for spreading covid-19 infections they don’t have – infections that would most definitely kill their loved ones and the elderly in the community.

Economic benefit message

This message tried to convince people that the only way to boost the economy is to get vaccinated.

Guilt message

This message appealed to one’s guilt, stating that the health of one’s family and community is at risk as long as the majority are not vaccinated. Without the vaccine, everyone spreads infections they do not have. The vaccine science will only work if everyone complies.

Anger message

This message teaches the participant to be angry at those who do not vaccinate because they are putting the health of the community at risk. Anyone who doesn’t comply is an enemy, killing others.

Trust in science message

This message is about putting blind trust in vaccine science and worshiping vaccine orthodoxy. Getting a covid-19 vaccine is the only way to have immunity and anyone who disagrees is ignoring the science.

Not brave message

This message uses peer pressure and a sense of pride to convince people to vaccinate. The message talks about how firefighters, doctors, and front-line medical workers are brave and those who choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19 are not brave.

The manipulation tactics are right out in the open now. In fact, they are currently being used to control people’s minds and personal freedom. Will you succumb to this psychological abuse?