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Five Transitions Happening Now, The Food Growing Belt Is Moving (Bob Kudla 1/2) – YouTube

ADAPT 2030 discuss how the record money printing of the U.S Dollar will ripple through the global economy causing incredible inflation for food and daily essentials. With that said there are many places that will weather the financial storm which Bob discusses. Ready to protect your family?
•Is China beginning to Collapse
•Asian Monsoon season is now longer by 5-6 weeks
•Gulf Stream Shifts •European Starvation Belt
•North African grow zone emerges
•Massive food inflation 2021-2022
•Tapping the Nubian Aquifer to irrigate deserts in Africa
•Global bond yields at 0% where is a safe haven
•Cross border goods payments using cryptocurrency
•Cryptocurrency Smart Contracts for global trade
•Transition from the city to rural countryside

Martin Armstrong – President Has Power to Reopen Country – YouTube

Legendary financial and geopolitical cycle analyst Martin Armstrong says the President has the power to reopen the entire country. Armstrong explains, “He doesn’t want to use it, but he actually has the power to open up the entire country. I wrote a piece on this, and it’s called the Commerce Clause (in the U.S. Constitution) which governs. They (the governors) have no legal authority to shut down the economy—period. They cannot do that. The Commerce Clause prohibits interference with interstate commerce—period. . . . Increasing the money supply, which is what the Fed is doing right now, is not going to save the day because the amount of money lost on a leverage basis is 20 to 30 times that. It’s like throwing a bucket of water into the wind, it’s going to come right back in their face. They can’t stimulate enough. It’s impossible to overcome this. . . . The only way to overcome this is to open up the economy. We have to get the productive capacity back up, which is what wealth is and you are destroying that. 70% of employment is with small business.”

THE 2020 BLACK SWAN EVENT — Jim Willie | SGT Report on Patreon

Source: THE 2020 BLACK SWAN EVENT — Jim Willie | SGT Report on Patreon

THE 2020 BLACK SWAN EVENT — Jim Willie

Jim Willie returns to SGT Report to discuss the very real possibility of an economic collapse brought on by the event none of us saw coming just two months ago.

Thanks for tuning in friends. Buckle up, the week ahead looks like it will be very bad for the markets – and if this thing isn’t brought to a swift end very soon, an economic collapse in 2020 looks to be a very real possibility.

Chris Martenson – China Virus is the Real Deal – Get Ready

Greg Hunter

How bad economically will the Covid19 virus crisis get? Martenson points out, “One in eight companies are so-called zombie companies.” Meaning, they have to keep borrowing cheap money to stay in business. Martenson says governments are hooked on huge deficits and cheap money too, and now the China virus chaos hits an already over-leveraged economy, and more massive money printing is needed to keep debt from defaulting. Martenson says, “This is taking the world’s most important manufacturing center and shutting it down all at once. That’s like throwing a car into reverse at 60 miles per hour on the highway. . . . Supply chain disruptions are going to be legendary. . . . This isn’t like one company having trouble like AIG where Hank Paulson has to ride to the rescue with $700 billion of fresh U.S. taxpayer money. We are talking about a system of tens of thousands of interlocking components that are frozen, and nobody quite knows how to unravel all of that. I think that is well beyond the capability of the Federal Reserve to throw more QE money into the market and goose stocks a little longer. This is the real deal. This isn’t a dress rehearsal. It is happening. People need to be able to make sense of this, and in the absence of being able to make sense of all of this, having some gold makes a lot of sense. I think that’s why we are seeing it pop here.”
Martenson likes physical silver, too.
Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Chris Martenson, co-founder of