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Google & YouTube Just SEALED THEIR FATE

SGTreportPublished on Jun 5, 2019

If you want to fully understand You Tube’s latest Orwellian move to censor the alternative media read this establishment tripe from Politico:… Meanwhile, the DOJ has launched an antitrust investigation into parent company Alphabet. Things are heating up and with these actions today I think You Tube and Google just sealed their fate. Wayne Jett joins me to discuss.

Ep. 982 Outed! Here’s the Real Russia Scandal. The Dan Bongino Show 5/17/2019.

Dan Bongino

Published on May 17, 2019

It was the Obama administration that colluded with the Russians.

The Obama administration was PLAYED by the Russians by feeding the Obama intelligence organizations false information on Trump.

Obama’s “SPYGATE” software, known as the “HAMER” was used to spy on all the American people and the Trump administration. This is the Real Crime that is being hidden from the American people, Obama’s SPYGATE on the All American People