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8Chan Owner Drops BOMB- Manifesto NOT Posted By Killer! (PLUS “Red Flag” Bill Explained) – YouTube

Published on Aug 7, 2019

Patriot News Headlines and the latest updates including Trump Tweets and Q Anon drop decodes. Recorded Tuesday Night 8-6-19.

How does a red flag law work?

In general, red flag or “extreme risk protection order” laws allow courts to issue temporary orders barring someone from possessing guns based on some showing of imminent danger or a risk of misuse.

State laws vary, but most stipulate that only specific people — usually family or household members — may petition a court for an extreme risk protection order. In some cases, a preliminary order may be granted without prior notice to the person who is the subject of the order.

Such an order typically is brief, ranging from a few days to about three weeks. Once the person who is alleged to pose a risk of gun violence has been given an opportunity to respond, a more permanent order may be granted, typically for up to a year.

Importantly to Graham and other supporters, before an order can be entered, some factual showing must be made that the subject of the order poses a risk of using a firearm to harm themselves or others.

Assert Your Right to Informed Consent

Vote to Elect an Informed Consent President in 2020!

Election season is upon us in full swing. But no one, not a single Presidential hopeful, has EVER addressed what General Bert Stubblebine called “the Defining Issue of the 21st Century”: Informed Consent. Here is our Petition to the White House:

The defining issue of the 21st Century, the Right of Informed Consent, is so far absent from political discussion in the United States. Natural Solutions Foundation petitions President Trump to direct the HHS Office of Conscience to protect the Right. Informed Consent is a fundamental right enshrined in International law and binding on the United States and each state. It is currently being undermined and attacked as parents in New York, for example, are being told that the State will “report them to CPS if they do not vaccinate their children” against their conscience and that children in California cannot exercise their right to a free public education unless they are fully vaccinated, against their conscience. More information here: – Join petition HERE.