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Under NATIONAL EMERGENCY, the United Nations Law SUPERSEDES the U.S. constitution and U.S. Law

  • Knowledge is Power

    A high percentage of you reading this email already know that President Trump upped the ante today by declaring a “NATIONAL EMERGENCY.”  He even made a second comment after uttering the words “National Emergency” which was ….”2 very big words.”  Here is the video of Trumps announcement for those of you who did not see: 

    The reason I am sending this email out is to bring another element to the “HIDDEN” importance that most are not aware of…….and this information most certainly will not be shared ANYWHERE in mainstream media.

    A declaration of “NATIONAL EMERGENCY” completely changes the game of the matrix regarding “law of the land.”  Here is the key bullet point of the game change….. 
    • Under NATIONAL EMERGENCY, the United Nations Law SUPERSEDES the U.S. constitution and U.S. Law……thanks to legislation enacted by President Bush.Please read the sentence above 3 more times and take special note of the word I purposely bolded, underlined and italicized.

      What does this mean if things were to get worse?  The U.N. can send in it’s “blue helmets” (aka the U.N. military) to enforce whatever measures it wants “if needed.”  This can get ugly very quickly such as:  forced vaccinations, forced quarantine and even more subversively this could become a really good legal masking/cover story for a military take over.

      In more frank and clear terms.  LEGAL FOREIGN INVASION.

      To learn more about this, I refer you to this 21 min video by James Corbett who is one of the best alternative researchers out there.  To get straight to the point, listen to the video starting at the 10:40 mark to the 12 min mark.  The entire show should really be listened to for context and perspective.  Here is the link: 
      I am hopeful this virus and STATE OF EMERGENCY will blow over and resume back to “life as normal” in a few weeks or months, but the “duplicity” or “unstated agendas” are actually all set up with black ink on white paper and “legalized” for unthinkable things to happen.

      Point to ponder.  Team dark creates and revels in CHAOS.  One of their key mission statements is, “Out of Chaos Comes Order.”

      Last Point to Ponder.  The entire game plan is laid out in the U.N. Agenda 21 and U.N. 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

      Read between the lines and connect the dots.  In biblical decoding jargon, “he who has an ear let him hear, he who has an eye let him see.”


      Blessings, Daren


Jews Refuse Vaccinations In New York – Jim Stone

Wednesday, June 12, 2019 15:30

New York just shut down the TENTH Jewish Orthodox school over vaccine refusal

Yes, not a rumor. A while ago DeBlasio ordered all New Yorkers, including Jews, to get the MMR shot. But the orthodox community has REFUSED, and has chosen to instead accept getting their schools shut down. This story developed a LOT under the radar. OK THEN:

QUESTION: WHY IS THE ORTHODOX COMMUNITY REFUSING “VACCINES” FOR THEIR KIDS? . . . . . . . ANSWER: Because they know what the shots really are, and what is really in them. How come they get to know, and CNN won’t tell the rest of us?

“Surprise surprise. While you are “vaccinating” your children giving them autism retard shots “they” are not “vaccinating”

NYC Mayor De Blasio tells citizens: We own your bodies, and we can force you to be injected with anything we want

04/12/2019 / By Mike Adams

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has declared that residents do not own their own bodies.

The city of New York can demand that all citizens be injected with literally anything the government declares to be a “vaccine,” even when those vaccines contain aborted human fetal tissue cells, toxic aluminum metals, inflammatory adjuvants and other dangerous, deadly chemicals.

This is the latest attempt by authorities in New York to obliterate human rights and roll out a medical dictatorship where citizens have zero rights to defend their own bodies against risky medial interventions that are demanded at gunpoint.