Gowdy, Jordan, Chaffetz! They are As Guilty As The FBI! It’s All A show! Trump Will Respond! – YouTube

Published on Oct 24, 2016

I was working on a video that concerns Trump’s current allegations on the corruption of the media and Clinton Foundation and what his plans may be. I came across several videos that after watching them send me off in another direction. I have always been a big supporter of Gowdy, Jordan, Chaffetz, and others on the House Judiciary Committee. They could actually impeach Clinton now, but won’t do it because it would never pass the Senate. They do have options though. They make it seem like the Congress of the US has NO power! Really! I’m not so sure! If you research Impeachment, Standing, and the purpose of Congress in the process of discovery you are lead to believe that Congress is complicit!

So, now if you decide that not only are the Clintons corrupt, but also that the media, DNC, and that Congress may be involved, where do you turn? That is the subject of my original, and now next video! There is only one way that this information/corruption is all revealed! Trump! He is laying the foundation (no pun intended) to pursue all of this!

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