I Am President Donald J Trump And I Approve This Message! BOOM! Absolute BEST Trump Video EVER!

James Red Pills America

Premiered May 17, 2019

GET THE HEADPHONES ON, PATRIOTS OR YOU’LL MISS HALF THE SHOW! Grab the popcorn and your family and friends and get ready for 45 minutes of PURE PRESIDENTIAL MEGA-POWER in this #JamesRedPillsAmerica FANTASTICALLY INSPIRATIONAL MUSICAL BLOCKBUSTER filled with Thrills, Chills and Deep State Kills – NOT TO MENTION SOME OF THE HOTTEST TRUMP FOOTAGE & CLIPS ON YOUTUBE! Never before has such an exciting video montage ever been produced by anyone except, well, ME, Pastor James Red Pills America! You’ll be jumping and yelling and rooting for the Greatest President in the History of the United States as you toe-tap your way through the MOST HEART-POUNDING DISPLAY OF AMERICAN PATRIOTISM ON THE PLANET! So join me for yet another BOMB DROPPING EVENING when #PastorJames,the #PatriotPastor, busts out the BIG GUNS and demolishes the Deep State Demonic Democrats and their Republican In Name Only RINO Cohorts all in ONE FELL SWOOP! BOMB-DIGGETY BOOM, PATRIOTS!

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