Hillary Clinton’s Career Achievements

Published on Feb 8, 2016

Former First Lady Hillary Clinton is the current darling of the liberal media and the front-runner for Democratic nomination for the 2016 presidential election. However, a new video could destroy her political career, giving her a term in a jail cell rather than the Oval Office.

American Freedom Fighters has discovered that Hillary has made billions off the American taxpayers in illegal schemes and backroom deals. Despite spending millions on media damage control and a legal team, Clinton can’t stop Americans from seeing this video and discovering the truth about her antics. In this video, it is revealed that Hillary Clinton used the White House as a way to funnel money to powerful friends while her husband was president. Anyone who crossed Hillary died under mysterious circumstances. Hillary has managed to keep her past quiet with fear and threats, but a brave few are willing to speak out.

From the Whitewater Scandal to Benghazi to Email-gate, Hillary’s time in national politics has been spent in constant scandal. The media refuses to discuss the dirty deeds of their favorite candidate, while she has escaped legal consequences due to a large legal team and constant intimidation of anyone who speaks out. This viral video finally gives Americans the information that they need to make an informed decision about Hillary Clinton and may even land her in court with felony charges. This time, there is nothing she can do.

Ohio Mayor That Restricted Trump Crowd Size Today Campaigned With Hillary YESTERDAY

American Mirror
August 2, 2016

Is the city of Columbus, Ohio playing dirty tricks on Donald Trump?

Less than 24 hours ago, Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther campaigned with Hillary Clinton during a visit to the city.

He even got a shout out from the candidate herself, with Clinton telling the crowd she was happy to be in his capital city, according to her speech posted on YouTube (17:35).

The Columbus Convention Center only allowed 1,000 people inside, despite the cavernous space.

“So have 1,000 people in there. They won’t allow any more,” Trump said. “The fire marshal said he’s not allowed to allow any more even though the building holds many thousands of people. So I just wanted to tell you that. That’s politics at its lowest. You ought to check it out, but it’s really politics at its lowest.”

The fire marshal blamed construction for blocking exits as the reason for the restricted crowd size.


Published on Jul 18, 2016

This is real. When will we say, okay, this is the last straw. When our government is legally able to confiscate all our possessions and no one does anything about it, we have entered into martial law! There is no other way to put this. They now have tanks in the street and soldiers are surrounding you who live in the inner cities. When will you admit, we are under martial law?

The real reason for Obamacare. . . . . . . . . Mandatory vaccines or NO insurance ! | Behind Door32

What Will Be Considered Mandatory

The Federal Government’s proposed mandatory health insurance will mean mandatory vaccinations/immunizations. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) says that for anyone who refuses to keep up-to-date vaccinations, under the new health reform, you will not be able to obtain any health care you may need until immunizations are current.

Isn’t it amazing the lengths the elites will go to to force us to poison ourselves with these toxic vaccines. If you look behind the reasons for the whole push for the Obamacare national insu…

Source: The real reason for Obamacare. . . . . . . . . Mandatory vaccines or NO insurance ! | Behind Door32


Assassination of Top Dem. Party Official Leads to FBI Capture of Clinton “Hit Team” – YouTube

Published on Jul 15, 2016

Assassination Of Top US Democratic Party Official Leads To FBI
Capture Of Clinton “Hit Team” – DNC official Seth Rich, 28 years old,
assassinated 10 July 2016.
1) http://www.whatdoesitmean.com/index20…
2) Thumbnail image – DNC official, Seth Rich,
3) Music – Youtube Audio Library
“Ambient Ambulance”