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Karatbars International Gold and Cryptocurrency




Around the middle of last year I also came across a company called Karatbars. They sell a very unique form of gold called CashGold and essentially it is like paper money but with real, solid, 24 karat gold embedded into it. It is, in perhaps the truest sense of the work, a ‘gold backed’ currency. Of course, at the time I didn’t pay much attention and it wasn’t until I had, by pure coincidence, read John Butlers book that goes into great detail about the disastrous effects of unpegging currency from the ‘gold standard’ that things started to fall into place. This brings me neatly on to Harald Seiz…





No other company in the world is doing this. So not only can you buy gold to preserve your capital from the effects of inflation, but you can use it to purchase goods and services directly, without having to convert it into fiat currency. You can pay with your physical CashGold notes or, if they are storing it for you for free, you can simply use the KaratPay app just as you would with ApplePay or SamsungPay.

And that’s still not the end of it…

As I mentioned a couple of weeks ago… they are launching their own crypto currency, KaratCoin, to fund the expansion of KaratPay. They already own their own BANK in Singapore called KaratBank and they are backing KaratCoin with their own gold… so not only do they have a gold backed currency with CashGold; they are now releasing a gold backed crypto currency, KaratCoin.




Save money, accumulate wealth, and preserve your purchasing power with Karatbars Gold.

Now there's gold backed crypto coin through KaratBank.

The future is here!

Soon the Gold paying Mastercard and world acceptance of the Karat Cash and Coins.

I look forward to hearing from you.

I have a step by step procedure and personal team assistance to get you completely registered.

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