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Katerina Kostaki Official

The most important thing is that we are living in the most important moment in the history of the Universe, and it is very important to be here now. There are thousands of souls who would like to be here to experience this event of dimensional shift to the higher dimension – even if they could only be here for a few hours. They say that even if they were born and died immediately, they would be able to say, “I was there when that happened.” So important is this for the whole Universe. So you live in a very wonderful time, which will never be repeated.



Katerina Kostaki Official

Andromedan-Earth Representative on the Galactic Council Alex Collier presents in this two-hour speech the true history of Earth, our Galaxy and humanity and also gives us valuable information about the Galactic Council, our Evolution to the higher dimension and the extraterrestrials races which played a decisive role in our evolution and in shaping the current situation upon Earth.


Time Travelers Reveal Future Evens: President Kamala Harris, UFO Alien Landing, WW 3, Tsunami, Mars – YouTube

What you about to see is incredible You will see the real future events:
2020 – Future Elections Presidential Election Results The Second American Revolution
2021 – Kamala Harris Sworn as 47th U.S. President November
2021 – Riots & Unrest
2021 – Mass Foreclosures Lead to Civil War
2022 – Group Of Hackers Causing Global Disruption Rich People Become Poor In Seconds
2022 – COVID Pandemic Finally Stops But World Economy Still Devastated
2023 – Political Assassination Leads To Local War
2024 – Airforce One Shot Down
2025 – All Out Word War III
2025 – False Flag Alien Invasion As An Attempt To Grab Power
2025 – Antichrist Arrival
2026 – Global Nuclear Conflict
2027 – New Bio Weapon Used It Makes Humans Old In Seconds
2027 – Earth Population Declining
2028 – New Hybrid Climatic Weapon Used Weather Changing Weapon
2029 – Mega Tsunami Bomb Used
2030 – World Devastated
2031 – Tsunami Bombs Triggers Super Volcano And Devastating Earthquakes
2032 – Giant Solar Flare Cosmic Event Stops War
2033 – Most Surviving Humans Live Underground
2034 – Most of Earth Surface Polluted
2035 – Earth Core Eruption Caused By New Revenge Weapon Mega Atomic Bomb Laser Drilled To Earth Core Earth Surface Boils. All Life Extinct
2035 – Alien Creator Resets Time Back To 2026
Part II: Time Reset Years
2027 – 2200 Quick Recap Of Part I. Part II. Years
2027 – 2200 2026 – Nuclear War Stopped
2027 – Antichrist Takes Credit For Stopping War & Pandemic
2028 – Humans Leave Their Underground Shelters
2029 – Antichrist Takes Credit For Rebuilding World After
2020s Turmoil
2030 – Antichrist Implements Global Artificial Intelligence
2031 – AI Starts To Control Everything From Factories
2032 – To Flower Shops
2033 – AI Controls Everything & Track Everyone In The World
2034 – It’s illegal to be without a microchip in your body
2035 – All Without Microchips Are Traced & Arrested
2036 – Humans control devices with their brains
2037 – In reality devices are control humans though AI
2038 – All Elections Are Cancelled AI Is In Control of the World
2039 – Animals Are Given Basic Human Rights
2040 – Giant Megacities Built No More Homeless
2041 – Balance Between Humans & Nature Is Restored
2042 – Giant Atomic City Size Ship Cross The Oceans In Days
2043 – Decade Of The Robots. Robots In Mass Production
2044 – Cars Are Illegal
2045 – Humans Travel By Air In Pods
2046 – First Sexless & Raceless Babies Are Born
2047 – Gender Difference & Sex Are Illegal
2048 – Some Humans Choose To Become Robots
2049 – Digital Immortality Achieved
2050 – Antichrist Integrates With AI & Becomes Earth First True God
2050 – Mars Decade
2051 – Mass Mars Colonization Begins
2052 – Life Found On Mars
2053 – First Mars City Built
2054 – Mars Terra-forming Begins
2055 – Oxygen Mass Produced On Mars
2056 – First Mars Habitable Orbital Station
2060 – Dark Decade
2061 – Earth Orbit Accumulate Too Much Space Junk
2062 – Natural Human Birth Outlawed
2063 – Only Cloning Is Legal
2064 – Asteroid Hits The Moon
2065 – Causing Debris Along With Space Junk To Fall On Earth
2066 – This Causing Darkness & Several Moons In The Sky
2067 – Falling Chunk Of Debris Damages Earth Space Station
2068 – Temperature Falls Dramatically On Earth
2069 – AI Laser Drills To Earth Core To Heat Up Earth
2070 – Messing With Earth Core Causes World Wide Earthquake
2071 – Many Move From Devastated Cold Earth To Mars
2072 – Mars AI Declares Independence
2073 – First Interplanetary War Earth VS Mars
2074 – Earth AI Invades Mars
2075 – Earth Invasion Repelled
2076 – Earth Uses Antimatter Weapon
2077 – Mars Surface Annihilated
2078 – Interplanetary War Attract Aliens
2079 – Aliens Investigate What Happened To Mars
2080 – Aliens Launch Full Scale Earth Invasion
2081 – First Alien War Raging On Earth
2082 – Earth AI Manages To Repel The Invasion
2083 – Aliens Use Gravity Weapon
2084 – All Earth Flooded and Surrenders
2085 – Antichrist Escapes To Mars Underground
2086 – Aliens Rebuilding Earth
2100s – Aliens Build Mega-structures Around Earth
2100s – Antichrist Builds Time Travel Portal on Mars
2100s – Giant Solar Flare Short-circuit Everything On Earth Including all remaining humans brain chips
2200 – Earth Defenseless. Antichrist Unleashes Antimatter Weapon Then he uses time travel portal to return to year 2026
But things are different To learn more read Igor Kryan books

EYE IN THE SKY (Lucifer) attempts omnipresence w/ his “All Seeing Eye” AI Survelliance Apparatus – YouTube

🚨EYE IN THE SKY (Lucifer) attempts omnipresence w/ his “All Seeing Eye” AI Survelliance Apparatus
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Feel free to mirror my videos, just pls. don’t monetize and send folks back to Demon Hunters above channels! YT is Censoring my channels; so search for #SkyDomeAtlantis in future. Info needs to get out! In short Satan has created a Technocracy based Live AI Augmented Virtual Realty Smart Dust Confinement Dome within Yahweh’s Enclosed System; thus inverting, polluting, twisting and copying Yahweh’s creation. Satan’s AI digitalized world includes an avatar / surrogate for each human within his digitalized Matrix; capable of influencing individuals decisions via NanoTech that is already in our bodies via GMO’s and Chemtrails. We are talking a real life “Hunger Games” and “Surrogates” scenario! One needs to be conscious of all their actions making sure they are not being influenced via the enmity within that is looking to take over nor Satan’s Avatar / Surrogate of such Targeted Individual. This smart dust confinement dome is capable of Holographic planes and UFO’s w/ V2K Voice to Skull technology and much more. Satan’s AI Live Augmented Virtual Realty Artificial Sky Canopy is hiding Yahweh’s real Sun, Moon and Constellations while replacing it with Satan’s artificial Planet and Constellation Simulations. Yeshua is our only saving grace; our job as Christians is to seek out the Lost until the end. Yeshua said “It is Finished”; thus we just need to keep “fighting the good fight” until death; which is life in Christ.
Demon Hunter Be sure to watch!

🚨Matrix Architect (Lucifer) attempts omnipresence w/ his “All Seeing Eye” AI Survelliance Apparatus
Top Collection (AI Virtual Smart Dust Confinement Dome / Control Grid)
🚨Zombie Apocalypse, CV-19 & Targeted Individual Program Similarities. HungerGames 2.0.

New Source Confirms In Coming Asteroids

Israeli News Live

We don’t need to brace for impact we need to pray for guidance to know what to do and to be sure we have our lives in order. There is no greater time to know Jesus as your savior than now!

Israel Has Launched A Coup In Iran

Israeli military and their communication system just put out a HIGH ALERT for all Jews around the world to come home NOW, especially Jews living in the U.S. and Europe.  They actually go on to say that if the Jews don’t come home NOW, there is a good chance they could die.  Here is a 15 minute youtube from a very good researcher I have followed for years which was posted yesterday: 

Israeli News Live

Intel coming out of Israel says that revolutionary guard members have been told to overthrow the religious government of Iran or face all out war with tactical nukes involved.

What are the reasons for this URGENT CALL for Jews to come home NOW ?????

  1. They know that Planet “X” (In the bible it is called Wormwood) (Also known as Hercolabus among others) is nearing its 3600 year elliptical orbit in which it will soon be between our earth and sun.
  2. This planet has a huge tail of meteors and comets that can wreak havoc on nearby planets.
  3. As Planet “X” gets closer and closer it has an increasingly stronger and stronger magnetic pull on our planets magnetic field, which will create up ticks in earthquakes, volcanic eruption and tsunamis.
  4. Many believe the pole shifts we have had in the past were due to Planet “X” and we could be looking at another pole shift within the next few years.
  5. The Satanists understand all the points above very well and are purposely not sharing any of this with the general public …… as a natural disaster can achieve one of their primary goals of depopulation very quickly, especially if it is a surprise…..while they camp out in their Deep Underground Cities.
  6. Civil tensions continuing to escalate into civil war and/or martial law prior to November U.S. elections.
  7. Nuclear War Tensions are far beyond anything being released to the general public in the following areas of the world (India/Pakistan, China/Taiwan, North Korea/South Korea, Israel/Iran and most importantly RUSSIA & CHINA verse U.S.).
  8. Top Illuminati would like to have most of the worldwide 5G infrastructure completed within the next year.
  9. Celeste Solum, a former top FEMA adviser is saying the “establishment” has detailed plans for taking over the worlds food supply in the next few years …… with weekly food rations being the end goal for those who survive everything else above.
  10. Crazy Upcoming Planetary Alignments with Mercury going RETROGRADE for 3rd time this year from October 14 to November 3rd.  And A “great conjunction” of Jupiter and Saturn: on the the exact date of the winter solstice (December 21, 2020), the two planets will appear just 0.06º apart right after sunset.
  11. Many more that could be added, but don’t want this to get too long.


  1. Get really clear on our personal IDENTITY in Christ
  2. Get OUT OF THE CITIES (High Concentrations of People)
  3. Physical Preps (Fresh Water, Food, Seeds, Shelter preferably off grid)
  4. Get away from Coast Lines.  Head in land, preferably the mountains
  5. Build a micro community of people you love and trust
  6. Pray, Meditate, Forgive, Heal & Bless
  7. Have the faith and courage of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego when offered the Mark of the Beast…..we will have a CHOICE !!!

My personal opinion …. there is not much time for freedom remaining.  The day is coming when we won’t be able to physically prepare any more and from that point forward will have to play the cards in our hand.