Hey Patreon friends. I have Tweeted to the President. AG Barr, Rudy G, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz & Mark Meadows asking them to immediately begin an investigation into who pre-positioned pallets of bricks in major U.S. cities… They need to check the video, who delivered these?! Follow the money. Make arrests.

Antifa is a terrorist organization and Soros funds them. By the way, not ONE single Democrat Mayor has mentioned these bricks, or announced their intention to investigate. The D’s who stand down to these terror tactics are the enemy of the people.

God bless the USA. ~SGT

A Democrat Governor made one confession to Fox News that no one saw coming | Renewed Right

Source: A Democrat Governor made one confession to Fox News that no one saw coming | Renewed Right

Renewed Right

“Let there be no doubt about it,” Murphy stated. “The president knows New Jersey. He and his team have been extremely responsive in our hour of need, whether it was ventilators, as you rightfully point out, we’ve got a huge amount of supplies to test. We’re getting personal protective equipment just the other day, confirmed direct to our nursing homes. We just announced $1.7 billion into our hospital systems.”

Murphy made these comments after an Oval Office meeting with the President where Murphy secured 750,000 cotton swabs and other supplies allowing New Jersey to double its coronavirus testing capacity.

In addition, the administration sent New Jersey millions of pieces of personal protective equipment, built field medical facilities to expand hospital capacity, and granted every request made by the state.

“Listen, I think we’ve been able to find common ground again based on the science, based on the facts and the reality and in our hour of need,” Murphy added. “I have to thank the president and his team. They have been there for us. And I appreciate that enormously.”

If Joe Biden hopes to ride the coronavirus pandemic to victory in November he will have contend with prominent Governors from his own party praising the President for his response.

Renewed Right will keep you up-to-date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

Nine Republicans just signed a letter that stabbed Donald Trump in the back | Renewed Right

Source: Nine Republicans just signed a letter that stabbed Donald Trump in the back | Renewed Right

Renewed Right

The latest example of this treachery came when nine Republican Senators signed a secret letter demanding the Trump administration allow more foreign workers to enter the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

Republican Senators Lindsey Graham, James Lankford, Mike Crapo, John Cornyn, Lisa Murkowski, Todd Young, Dan Sullivan, Mike Rounds and James Risch all demanded the President import cheap foreign labor that would depress the wages of current workers and take job opportunities away from the nearly 40 million out of work Americans.

The turncoat nine wrote:

The marked impact that the coronavirus has had on the job market is undeniable. Nearly 33 million Americans are unemployed, and close to eight million American small businesses are at risk of shuttering forever. Some of these struggling small businesses rely on labor that many Americans may not be qualified or able to perform, even in the aftermath of the pandemic, and some of these businesses operate in industry sectors that are not experiencing high unemployment … or in particular geographical locations where qualified labor is scarce. American businesses that rely on help from these visa programs should not be forced to close without serious consideration. Guest workers are needed to boost American business, not take American jobs.


OK I Know that one image with the ? over his face was kinda stupid lol!!!
I recorded this on May 25th and since then there have been 2 BIG Developments…
#1 Cuomo and Health Commissioner Howard Zucker are not only trying to blame the Trump Admin but more disgusting they have scrubbed the original Nursing Home Order from the official NY Gov website! Not so fast you murdering scumbag! I got it…
#2 This piece of $hit not only took millions from the nursing home industry to fund his campaign but in exchange he signed an executive order giving immunity to Nursing Home Executives!
So that brings me to this question…Was this a planned premeditated murder of these people?
President Trump MUST order Bill Barr to open up an independent criminal investigation into Governor Cuomo and his deadly Nursing Home Policy.

Trump Signals Next Phase, Huber Enters The Ring, Game Over Jack – Episode 2185b – YouTube

Report date: 05.28.2020 The [DS]/MSM are using masks to keep the fear and chaos of the event, this is already failing. According the experts the masks do not really do anything. Trump signals that Huber is about to enter the ring, the [DS] is panicking, they are going to push multiple events to clog the news cycles so the MSM questions are based on the current event. Trump has now signed an EO removing liability shields from social media platforms.
World leaders told to take HCQ to protect them from Covid-19.
New Jersey, New York and Minnesota placed Covid-19 patients into nursing homes, to increase the Covid-19 death count so to maintain the lock down.

A Tribute to First Lady Melania Trump 2020 – YouTube

Melania Trump has been exceptionally busy for the past four years serving as First Lady to the 45th U.S. President, Donald J. Trump. Take a journey with First Lady Melania Trump as she visits the children of the world, socializes with international dignitaries, and hosts spectacular events at the White House. Style, imagination and attention to detail are flagships of the First Lady from playing hostess at the White House to visiting our troops overseas. Wherever she travels, Melania Trump represents the United States with dignity and grace. In a rare compilation of official White House footage, witness first-hand the time, love, and devotion Melania Trump gives to each project and her daily schedule in her role as First Lady.