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BOMBSHELL: Federal intelligence officials cloned phones to surveil and map entire structure of Antifa / BLM terrorist operations in preparation for mass arrests – NaturalNews.com

Image: BOMBSHELL: Federal intelligence officials cloned phones to surveil and map entire structure of Antifa / BLM terrorist operations in preparation for mass arrests

Source: BOMBSHELL: Federal intelligence officials cloned phones to surveil and map entire structure of Antifa / BLM terrorist operations in preparation for mass arrests – NaturalNews.com

Sunday, September 27, 2020 by: 

(Natural News) As you might recall, we’ve been reporting on Trump’s plans to invoke the Insurrection Act after the election, deploying military troops on the streets to halt the extremist left-wing political coup attempt that’s expect to be activated shortly after the election. Now, fascinating news has emerged that confirms US federal intelligence officials have, for months, been quietly identifying the participants and leaders of both Antifa and BLM terrorist organizations, including wealthy donors who are funding these operations.

It turns out that Trump’s DHS has been using sophisticated phone “cloning” hardware to impersonate the phones of Antifa and BLM extremists in order to eavesdrop on their phone calls and texts. Through this technology, they have assembled a complete organizational structure and hierarchy map of the leaders involved in today’s left-wing terrorist operations. More importantly, this information is being readied for a nationwide takedown of illegal insurrectionists once the Insurrection Act is activated.

All this is being confirmed by numerous media investigative efforts, including those of anti-Trump publisher The Nation, which reported:

While in Portland, an interagency task force involving DHS and the Justice Department used a sophisticated cell phone cloning attack — the details of which remain classified — to intercept protesters’ phone communications, according to two former intelligence officers familiar with the matter.

Indy media outlet News Thud further reports that the collection of this information points to an “October surprise” during which left-wing terrorists may face sweeping arrests:

So the DHS and the FBI have been listening to Antifa and they know who in the media and in politics they have been talking to. You can tell by reading the report from The Nation, the left is getting real nervous about this because it is the number one report on their website as of the writing of this post.

Trump promises to designate both Antifa and the KKK as “terrorist organizations”

#1) Both Antifa and the KKK are creations of Democrats

#2) Once Antifa is officially designated a terrorist organization, mass arrests can begin immediately

#3) Any corporations who funded Antifa will be complicit in financing domestic terrorism, which is a felony crime

#4) Arrests of Antifa terrorists will lead US authorities directly to globalist donors like George Soros

Trump has a plan to take out the left-wing terrorists and save America

The good news in all this is that Trump has a plan to disrupt the “color revolution” coup attempt of the radical Left, which is being run by the CIA against America. This same type of revolution has been plotted and carried out in many other nations around the world, following the same playbook. Even Glenn Beck got it right with his coverage of this topic:

As I’ve previously explained in podcasts, left-wing rioters are going to be charged with sedition once Trump invokes the Insurrection Act and activates the US military across 50 cities, all of whom are being put in place under the cover story of “Operation Warp Speed” which claims the military is needed to distribute vaccines. See my previous story: ANALYSIS: Trump’s “military” deployment of vaccines on Nov. 1 is a clever cover story to prepare for Insurrection Act invocation, mass arrests using military police.

Here are more details on the “Operation Chaos” plans of the Democrats, who are all treasonous actors who must be arrested, prosecuted and executed if found guilty of treason:

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Time Travelers Reveal Future Evens: President Kamala Harris, UFO Alien Landing, WW 3, Tsunami, Mars – YouTube

What you about to see is incredible You will see the real future events:
2020 – Future Elections Presidential Election Results The Second American Revolution
2021 – Kamala Harris Sworn as 47th U.S. President November
2021 – Riots & Unrest
2021 – Mass Foreclosures Lead to Civil War
2022 – Group Of Hackers Causing Global Disruption Rich People Become Poor In Seconds
2022 – COVID Pandemic Finally Stops But World Economy Still Devastated
2023 – Political Assassination Leads To Local War
2024 – Airforce One Shot Down
2025 – All Out Word War III
2025 – False Flag Alien Invasion As An Attempt To Grab Power
2025 – Antichrist Arrival
2026 – Global Nuclear Conflict
2027 – New Bio Weapon Used It Makes Humans Old In Seconds
2027 – Earth Population Declining
2028 – New Hybrid Climatic Weapon Used Weather Changing Weapon
2029 – Mega Tsunami Bomb Used
2030 – World Devastated
2031 – Tsunami Bombs Triggers Super Volcano And Devastating Earthquakes
2032 – Giant Solar Flare Cosmic Event Stops War
2033 – Most Surviving Humans Live Underground
2034 – Most of Earth Surface Polluted
2035 – Earth Core Eruption Caused By New Revenge Weapon Mega Atomic Bomb Laser Drilled To Earth Core Earth Surface Boils. All Life Extinct
2035 – Alien Creator Resets Time Back To 2026
Part II: Time Reset Years
2027 – 2200 Quick Recap Of Part I. Part II. Years
2027 – 2200 2026 – Nuclear War Stopped
2027 – Antichrist Takes Credit For Stopping War & Pandemic
2028 – Humans Leave Their Underground Shelters
2029 – Antichrist Takes Credit For Rebuilding World After
2020s Turmoil
2030 – Antichrist Implements Global Artificial Intelligence
2031 – AI Starts To Control Everything From Factories
2032 – To Flower Shops
2033 – AI Controls Everything & Track Everyone In The World
2034 – It’s illegal to be without a microchip in your body
2035 – All Without Microchips Are Traced & Arrested
2036 – Humans control devices with their brains
2037 – In reality devices are control humans though AI
2038 – All Elections Are Cancelled AI Is In Control of the World
2039 – Animals Are Given Basic Human Rights
2040 – Giant Megacities Built No More Homeless
2041 – Balance Between Humans & Nature Is Restored
2042 – Giant Atomic City Size Ship Cross The Oceans In Days
2043 – Decade Of The Robots. Robots In Mass Production
2044 – Cars Are Illegal
2045 – Humans Travel By Air In Pods
2046 – First Sexless & Raceless Babies Are Born
2047 – Gender Difference & Sex Are Illegal
2048 – Some Humans Choose To Become Robots
2049 – Digital Immortality Achieved
2050 – Antichrist Integrates With AI & Becomes Earth First True God
2050 – Mars Decade
2051 – Mass Mars Colonization Begins
2052 – Life Found On Mars
2053 – First Mars City Built
2054 – Mars Terra-forming Begins
2055 – Oxygen Mass Produced On Mars
2056 – First Mars Habitable Orbital Station
2060 – Dark Decade
2061 – Earth Orbit Accumulate Too Much Space Junk
2062 – Natural Human Birth Outlawed
2063 – Only Cloning Is Legal
2064 – Asteroid Hits The Moon
2065 – Causing Debris Along With Space Junk To Fall On Earth
2066 – This Causing Darkness & Several Moons In The Sky
2067 – Falling Chunk Of Debris Damages Earth Space Station
2068 – Temperature Falls Dramatically On Earth
2069 – AI Laser Drills To Earth Core To Heat Up Earth
2070 – Messing With Earth Core Causes World Wide Earthquake
2071 – Many Move From Devastated Cold Earth To Mars
2072 – Mars AI Declares Independence
2073 – First Interplanetary War Earth VS Mars
2074 – Earth AI Invades Mars
2075 – Earth Invasion Repelled
2076 – Earth Uses Antimatter Weapon
2077 – Mars Surface Annihilated
2078 – Interplanetary War Attract Aliens
2079 – Aliens Investigate What Happened To Mars
2080 – Aliens Launch Full Scale Earth Invasion
2081 – First Alien War Raging On Earth
2082 – Earth AI Manages To Repel The Invasion
2083 – Aliens Use Gravity Weapon
2084 – All Earth Flooded and Surrenders
2085 – Antichrist Escapes To Mars Underground
2086 – Aliens Rebuilding Earth
2100s – Aliens Build Mega-structures Around Earth
2100s – Antichrist Builds Time Travel Portal on Mars
2100s – Giant Solar Flare Short-circuit Everything On Earth Including all remaining humans brain chips
2200 – Earth Defenseless. Antichrist Unleashes Antimatter Weapon Then he uses time travel portal to return to year 2026
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Voter Fraud is a myth right? At least that is what those on the left that commit it want you to think. Buckle Up and Strap in folks…I saved the best (or should I say the worst) for last. This video needs to be shared EVERYWHERE especially with President Trump, His Campaign, and Lawyers For Trump Coalition… Lots more hard hitting stuff coming next week. Stay Tuned… Also, I just spoke with Judge Jeanine Pirro today for about 5 minutes. I am working out our schedules so she can make her 3rd appearance on the show sometime in October. She will discuss the 2020 Election, The Violence and Riots, and of course her new best selling book “Don’t Lie To Me. If you want to see our previous 2 interviews just go to Youtube and search “Josh Bernstein and Judge Jeanine Pirro” or go to my ROKU TV Channel and under Best Interviews they are listed #1 and #2 Stay tuned….