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One Year In Hell…Surviving a Full SHTF Collapse in Bosnia – Silver Doctors

Source: One Year In Hell…Surviving a Full SHTF Collapse in Bosnia – Silver Doctors

Many in the precious metals community are eagerly anticipating a complete systemic collapse of the financial system because as “preppers”, they expect to not only survive, but to prosper in a SHTF scenario.  We suspect however that the following MUST READ account of surviving the Bosnian war in the midst of a complete collapse of the grid & financial system will be eye-opening in just how difficult it is to survive a full-on Mad Max scenario, even if one has spent years preparing for it.

I am from Bosnia. Between 1992 and 1995, it was hell.
For one year, I lived and survived in a city with 6,000 people without water, electricity, gasoline, medical help, civil defense, distribution service, any kind of traditional service or centralized rule.
Money soon became worthless.  We returned to an exchange.  For a tin can of tushonka (think Soviet spam), you could have a woman.
Arms, ammunition, candles, lighters, antibiotics, gasoline, batteries and food.  We fought for these things like animals.
In these situations, it all changes. Men become monsters. 
Strength was in numbers.  For a man living alone, getting killed and robbed would be just a matter of time, even if he was armed.
The following is my experience…


USA now under WAR TIME EMBARGO of food, medicine and fuel

Source: Brighteon

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Biden To Americans Who Own Guns To Defend Against Tyranny: You Need Jets, Nuclear Weapons To Take Us On | The Daily Wire

US President Joe Biden speaks about crime prevention, in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington, DC on June 23, 2021. - President Biden unveiled new measures Wednesday to tackle gun violence against a backdrop of surging crime that his Republican rivals have seized on for weeks.

Source: Biden To Americans Who Own Guns To Defend Against Tyranny: You Need Jets, Nuclear Weapons To Take Us On | The Daily Wire

President Joe Biden said during a press conference about soaring crime rates on Wednesday that Americans who buy firearms to defend against a tyrannical government would need to own “F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons” to go up against the government.

“The Second Amendment from the day it was passed, limited the type of people who could own a gun and what type of weapon you could own,” Biden said. “You couldn’t buy a cannon. [Those who] say the blood of the, the blood of patriots, you know, and all this stuff about how we’re going to have to move against the government.”

“Well, the tree of liberty is not [watered with] the blood of patriots, what’s happened is that there never been, if you want, if you think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons,” Biden continued. “The point is that there’s always been the ability to limit, rationally limit, the type of weapon that can be owned, and who can own it.”


Catherine Austin Fitts (Full Interview) [Planet Lockdown] {BANNED FROM YOUTUBE}

Source: Catherine Austin Fitts (Full Interview) [Planet Lockdown] {BANNED FROM YOUTUBE}

BANNED FROM YOUTUBE! This sit down interview with Catherine covers the spectrum of the current situation we find ourselves in. It was conducted as apart of the full length documentary (called “Planet Lockdown”).


Yes, Democrats DO want to take our guns away and Kamala Harris admits she will violate the Constitution to do it –

Source: Yes, Democrats DO want to take our guns away and Kamala Harris admits she will violate the Constitution to do it –

(Natural News) It can’t be stressed enough: Democrats hate the Second Amendment because armed Americans prevent them from fully implementing their liberty-stealing, Marxist, counter-cultural revolution.

In fact, Democrats hate the Constitution, period, because it empowers American citizens with rights not ‘bestowed by government’ but endowed by the divine providence of human existence.

However, they will use portions of it to eliminate all of it, including the First Amendment to justify riots and looting as “speech and expression,” and presidential authorities under Article II to implement executive actions that bypass the rule of law and other branches of government.

Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.) is no different. As president — and that is what she will become if Joe Biden wins because he is obviously mentally incapable of running America (or a lemonade stand, for that matter) — she will work tirelessly to take away our gun rights and our guns, and make it look like it’s just ‘sound public policy’ that ‘most Americans agree with.’

But don’t take our word for it. Harris has said as much. 

In fact, Fox News host Tucker Carlson documented as much on his program last week.

“Kamala Harris has plans for your guns, but more than that, she’s willing to threaten Congress if they don’t make a law that matches her desires immediately,” he said.

Carlson then played a couple of video clips in which Harris laid out her plans.

In response to an audience member’s question during an appearance on “The Tonight Show” with Jimmy Fallon about whether she supports gun ‘buybacks,’ Harris said:

I do believe that we need to do buybacks and I’ll tell you why. They are weapons of war with no place on the streets for the civil society.

Meanwhile, Harris hasn’t said squat about what Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other Left-wing anarchists are doing to ‘the civil society’ in large cities around the country without using ‘assault weapons.’



Greg Hunter -Weekly News Wrap-Up 8.14.2020 – YouTube

Kamala VP, Crackdown on Violence in Dem Cities, Stimulus Fight By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 443 8.14.20) Joe Biden finally announced his running mate for the 2020 Presidential election, and it’s Kamala Harris. Trump said Harris was his number one pick. Trumps says she “lied” about a lot of things, and she’s “nasty.” I am not sure what Harris brings to the ticket. She was blown out in the Democrat primaries. She was the least favorite candidate among black voters, but Harris is somehow supposed to bring black voters back to the Dem party. Go figure. Attorney General William Barr said Thursday night in an unscheduled appearance on the Sean Hannity show that he is announcing a crackdown on violence sweeping Democrat controlled American cities such as Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Kansas City and others. The federal action is called “Operation Legend,” and it’s already started. The economy finally posted unemployment initial claims below one million, but just barely. This means stimulus is coming, and President Trump is going to deliver with or without Democrat help from Congress. Trump is sitting on $1.8 trillion at the Treasury, and he does not need approval from Congress to spend it. The stimulus is stalled, and the Democrats want more than $1 trillion just to rebuild the cities they have turned into hell holes. Trump and his party say that’s not going to happen because they don’t want the stimulus bill to be much more than $1 trillion in total.