Prostate Cancer BREAKTHROUGH: Three natural substances destroy cancer cells – YouTube

Published on Jun 30, 2017

Breakthrough research finds that prostate cancer cells are destroyed by a combination of three natural compounds found in a fruit peel, a berry skin and a root tuber. These three anti-cancer nutrients are safe, affordable and readily available to everyone. So why isn’t the entire medical industry talking about this prostate cancer breakthrough? Because there’s NO MONEY to be made from making people well using low-cost anti-cancer foods and plants. Stay informed at

The Root Cause Of Cancer Has Been Hidden Since 1930 – YouTube

Published on Mar 12, 2017

The Root Cause Of Cancer Has Been Hidden Since 1930

Cancer cells might have DNA damage, but DNA damage cannot lead to cancer. It is the real cause of cancer that actually causes DNA damage instead.

In the last 125 years, numerous experts have discovered multiple facts about cancer.

William Russell (1852-1940), in 1890, found that there are microbes inside and outside of cancer cells, which were later found to be “pleomorphic,” meaning that the pH state inside the cancer cells affects their size and shape.

In 1931, Otto Warburg won the Nobel prize in Medicine for his discovery that the main property of cancer cells was low “ATP energy” (ATP is made inside the mitochondria of cells and is known as “adenosine triphosphate”).

In 1930, Dr. Royal Rife, a microbiologist who developed the use of “harmonic frequencies” to vibrate the microbes until they “exploded” and died, showed that cancer cells can revert to normal if the microbes inside them were destroyed.

However, he was not awarded for his discovery, but the joint forces of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the American Medical Association (AMA) destroyed his laboratory.

The reason for this was that his discovery cured 100% of his patients. On the other hand, the pharmaceutical industry and the modern medicine would rather profit from this disease than allow its cure.

Their patented chemicals bring them huge financial profits, and they are doing everything to protect them. The FDA functions as the “private police force” of the pharmaceutical industry.

In the end, it is all about the patents, and since natural remedies, frequency waveforms and molecules in cannot be patented, they are being ignored.

This dirty conspiracy is also supported by the media, which glorify medical doctors and manipulates the masses. And they have been perfect in what they do. As soon as they hear the diagnosis, patients run fast to their oncologist, and only a few try natural treatments initially.

The team of experts at the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) – which is a non-profit foundation investigating natural medicine, found the way microbes inside of cancer cells partially inhibit the ATP energy. having this in mind, the developed over 25 natural cancer treatments.

Dr. Rife’s equipment inspired them to use a new technological device, called the “High RF Frequency Device” , which destroys the microbes inside the cancer cells.

To understand these treatments, we need to clarify the way microbes inside the cancer cells partially block the production of ATP energy.

Initially, we will explain the reason for the creation of the ATP energy in a healthy cell.

Step 1: In a normal cell, glucose receptors allow glucose inside the cell.
Step 2: Glucose is then turned into pyruvate in a 10-step chemical chain reaction.
Step 3: The pyruvate enters into the mitochondria of the cell.
Step 4: It is then at the start of a chain reaction known as the “Citric Acid Cycle” or “Krebs Cycle.”
Step 5: Then, a second chemical chain reaction, known as “Electron Transport Chain ” begins, about half-way through the Citric Acid Cycle. These two form most of the ATP energy in the cells.

Cancer cells contain more glucose receptors than normal cells and 15 times more glucose, even though the microbes intercept most of it. Furthermore, although a cancer cell has far more glucose than a normal cell, less of it enters its mitochondria than in a normal cell.

Thus, a cancer cell has lower ATP energy since it has less pyruvate, which is a result of the reduced amount of available glucose.

Furthermore, a team of natural medicine researchers at the Virginia Livingston found that one or more of the microbes inside the cancer cell penetrate the cell nucleus.

If the DNA of the cancer microbes “mixes” with the DNA of the cell and modifies the DNA of the cancer cell, It leads to DNA damage, which is the grounds of the “gene therapy” in conventional medicine. However, note that DNA damage is just a symptom, not a cause.

Certain cancer researchers and numerous research organizations are convincing the public that they are struggling to find a cancer cure, while they are praying for the opposite.

Dr. Rife prevented the microbes from blocking the ATP energy by destroying the microbes inside the cancer cells, and they became able to use their ATP energy and “revert” into normal cells again.

Additionally, the ICRF researcher who found the way microbes, which are actually Helicobacter Pylori, inhibit the ATP energy also developed 25 different ways to destroy these microbes while inside the cancer cells and thus converting them into normal ones.

For instance, the Dirt Cheap Protocol includes a combination of honey and turmeric, to kill the bacteria in cancer cells.

Russian Device Cures Diseases Using Royal Rife Technology! – YouTube

Published on Jun 22, 2017

You will get all info on this device when you join Project Nsearch! This Russian medical device uses principals first discovered by Royal Rife nearly 100 years ago to cure almost all disease! This technology was suppressed so evil people could make money by treating you with things that don’t work! Royal Rife had a 100% cure rate for terminal cancer patients but this was covered up by the Fake News and a criminal medical system!

4,519 MILES NO CURVE Globe Debunked Once And For All RESEARCH FLAT EARTH (Mirrored) – YouTube

Published on Jun 13, 2017

Published on Jun 13, 2017



This is a raw unedited version after a week of experiments getting ready for the flights. Once I get back, I’ll put together a more well-rounded video documentation of the findings showing all the equipment tests and evidence that if we live in a globe, the bubble level would not be centered when i arrived in Dublin. But I couldn’t wait to post my results. Landed this morning after flying all night and guess what???

NO CURVE! I flew more than 4,519 miles and not a single inch of curvature was found. Globe debunked. Check mate heliocentricism!

I submit this to the scientific community. I expect to see a lot of people calling this stupid and dumb and saying the equipment won’t work like that, etc. To them I say check out the six videos I published of the pre-flight experiments proving the equipment would register a change in orientation if we lived on a globe. But we don’t – and this proves it.

If you wish to debunk this, you’ll need to duplicate my experiment and document and publish it showing different results and evidence that your new position and equipment has changed due to curvature. Good luck!

A worldwide matrix breakdown is coming as lens array and sun simulator continues to fail 5/15/17 – YouTube

Published on May 15, 2017

Why HEMP can save humankind: Research scientist speaks out… – YouTube

Published on May 19, 2016

* I’m a food scientist running LC/MS instrumentation to examine organic compounds and contaminants in foods and plants.

* What I’m seeing in HEMP is mind-blowing. The complexity and intricacy of the plant is extraordinary.

* The molecular constituents of hemp are FINE-TUNED molecules for spontaneous human healing. This cannot be a coincidence…

* THC and CBD have exactly the same elements; they are just arranged differently!

* There’s almost something about hemp that seems “intelligently designed.” It’s way beyond typical botanicals found in nature.

* Hemp almost seems to have a literal “divine purpose” for humanity.

* All the different molecules have different medicinal uses and properties, from CBD to CBN, THC, etc.

* How does HEMP harvest Carbon, Hydrogen and Oxygen and then synthesize powerful medicine from it?

* The hemp plant is literally manufacturing powerful medicine… for free!

* Hemp can help save humanity… with medicine, fiber, nutrition, agricultural economics… even polymers!

* Humanity is looking for answers. HEMP is the answer at so many levels… so why have the governments of the world kept it illegal?

* Governments don’t want humanity to have powerful, free medicine. There’s too much PROFIT at stake with the “sick care” industry.

* Hemp offers an abundance of real answers for many of the problems plaguing humanity.

* There are a thousand other molecules in hemp, each of which may have some yet unknown medicinal or technological application for humanity.

* How might hemp molecules interact with intestinal flora to produce additional synthesis or transformation of molecules into even more powerful healing medicines for humanity?

* We have to start looking at hemp components working in conjunction with other phytochemicals.

* Natural plant molecules tend to work in SYNERGY when combined, while synthetic toxic chemicals made by Man tend to multiply their toxicity when combined.

* Every living plant has an INTENTION… a purpose for existing. Plant consciousness is real. Hemp wants to be medicine.

* There is a structural resonance among hemp’s therapeutic molecules and human neurology. If you could “hear” it, it would sound like a beautiful symphony.

* I don’t smoke hemp… but I am INSPIRED by what the science is revealing about this extraordinary plant.

* This plant is changing my world view of what’s possible with botanical healing.

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