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Warning – What Happened In California Is Coming To The World – YouTube

Sweltering heat and no electricity are not a good combination and sound like a 3rd world country, but no, it’s the richest state in the US and it’s not by an accident, it’s much more serious, In this video, I will explain what is happening, and why it’s coming to the rest of the country and to the word, as wildfires, rage across most of the US ca have it’s high temp and heatwaves it gets hot in the summer but temperatures were in line with what is normal for this time of year but what isn’t normal is that with high temps and smoke-filled air from the firesand most people still staying home from COVID they all did so, without electricity The power grid just couldn’t produce enough electricity for everyone and this is at a time when businesses are shut down office buildings, closed, gyms, movie theater and schools, all closed, the largest users of electricity, all closed and the grid still couldn’t deliver the electricity needed think about this for a minute, at the time when it’s the hottest and you’re at home, and you have no electricity no air conditioning to cool down no power to run your computer and at the same time as the kids are home trying to do homeschool or parents working from home, and they can’t Last week, CA resembled more of a 3rd world country then it did of the United States in fact, I was in Mexico, deep in Mexico in a town with only 1 paved road and the temperatures were about the same as CA and they didn’t have problems keeping their electricity on so what gives? California is the richest state in the US after all we have Hollywood and Silicon Valley the economy in CA is so large, if it were a country it would be the 5th largest economy in the world and not just the largest economy but also the richest as far as revenue California states taxes are the most in the nation and not just the most, but almost double the 2nd highest state of NY and for energy and electricity, Californians pay about 6x more than the rest of the country and even with all that, we still can’t get steady electricity but the big problem here is this is not by accident but rather by design, and the scary part is this is coming to an area near you, and sooner than you think, whether you on in the US or another country you need to be prepared so what design am I talking about and why will this leak to the rest of the country and the world? first, let’s look at the design the underlying reasons that California is experiencing black-outs is from the state’s climate policies which aim to completely remove the use of coal and natural gas and move 100% to renewable energy which sounds great and all, and everyone loves it, except for one problem it’s super expensive and even worse, in the end, it just doesn’t work California saw its electricity prices rise six times more than the rest of the United States from 2011 to 2019, due to its huge expansion of renewables. and yet they are still unable to meet the demands why is that?


Silent War Ep. 6256: Trump Goes Q, Rats Jump Fauci Ship, Wuhan 2.0 – FL, CA to Trans-nap Kids

Source: Silent War Ep. 6256: Trump Goes Q, Rats Jump Fauci Ship, Wuhan 2.0 – FL, CA to Trans-nap Kids

In this episode of The Silent War:

Trump Sharing Q.

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Fauci Knew About Funding Gain of Function yet covered it up – Former CDC Director. ‘My life was threatened.’

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Massive Chinese Bio Weapon Lab … I mean, Monkey Research Lab is planned for Florida. (Oh hell no.)

The Third Temple is about to get built….Are the end of days upon us?