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New Jersey sues school districts which require parent notification of ‘transitioning’ students | The College Fix

New Jersey sues school districts which require parent notification of ‘transitioning’ students

Source: New Jersey sues school districts which require parent notification of ‘transitioning’ students | The College Fix

The state of New Jersey is suing three school districts that require parents be notified “when gender-nonconforming students wish to change their names, be called by new pronouns, or request other accommodations.”

New Jersey Attorney General Matthew Platkin filed civil rights complaints against the Middletown Township, Marlboro Township and Manalapan-Englishtown Regional districts this past week, mere hours after the districts had approved the policies.

It’s the second time in 30 days that Platkin’s office has gone to court over transgender student rights, according to

Platkin said in a statement that the state “will not tolerate any action by schools that threatens the health and safety” of children. He called the districts’ policies “discriminatory” and said they were a “severe risk” to trans and non-binary students.

Five years ago the New Jersey Department of Education issued regulations making gender-based decisions dependent upon students, not parents. New Jersey and federal law “require schools to ensure a safe and supportive environment for transgender students.”

If a student wants a Tylenol for a headache, however, his/her parent must be notified.

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Marc Zitomer, attorney for the Marlboro Township School Board, said his district “vehemently disagreed” with Platkin and added he was “confident that the board’s amended policy properly balances parental and student rights.”

From the article:

In Middletown, the school must “notify a student’s parents or guardian” of the student’s “asserted gender identity” when students request a public social transition accommodation, such as a name or pronoun change, or a bathroom, locker room, club, or sports accommodation.

In Marlboro, school staff must notify parents or guardians of any student’s “change in gender identity or expression.”

And in Manalapan, the school must notify a student’s parents or guardian of the student’s asserted gender identity when a student requests a public social transition accommodation. The policy states that for students in grades Pre-K through 5, the responsibility for determining a student’s gender identity rests with the child’s parents/guardians – not the student.

A few years back, neighboring heavy-blue state Delaware ditched a state regulation which would have made parent notification of a child’s gender identity dependent on whether the parent was “supportive.”

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Juneteenth was NYC’s deadliest day for shootings in 2023 so far

Source: Juneteenth was NYC’s deadliest day for shootings in 2023 so far

Five people were killed by gunfire on Juneteenth — making it the New York City’s deadliest day of gun violence so far this year — even as gun violence continues to trend downward citywide.

Five people were shot and killed across three boroughs. Donate today When Doniesha Ferguson spoke to her dad on Father’s Day, he was enjoying a favorite meal and a special gift.

Barely 24 hours later, Howard Ferguson was dead — the first of five people to be killed by gunfire on Juneteenth, making it the city’s deadliest day of gun violence so far this year.

trend downward citywide But the one-day surge likely resulted from a complex convergence of factors, according to David Caba, the vice president of Good Shepherd’s Bronx Rises Against Gun Violence (B.R.A.G.)

“Holiday means idle time,” Caba said. “ And sometimes those celebrations, you know, lead to debates. And debates then lead to what we sometimes see when it comes to violence.” Howard Ferguson was one of five people shot and killed on Juneteenth

Ferguson, 48, was shot in the back around 12 p.m. at his usual bodega on White Plains Road in the Bronx after a scuffle with another man that police arrested and identified as Oriean Dorsett, 32.



The History Of Ukraine

Audio Of Text Below The History Of Ukraine

Ukraine History

If we had an honest media, the world would know what a beautiful world we really have.

We see evil, wars, shootings, violence, propaganda, “viruses”, bombings, gangs, porn, drugs, pro-homo, family-destroying filth and an endless stream of demonic garbage.

What we don’t see: Love and Christianity.

Just know that what we don’t see is actually much more abundant than what we are shown.

They don’t want you to know that.

By the way, the war in Ukraine itself is turning into another test run of how much lying leaders can get away with.

It’s just like January 6, and Covid-19, and the 2020 election, and of course it’s just like the Russian collusion hoax.

If you’ve been on social media the last week, you’ve been bombarded with ridiculous stories that were all lies.

They said a “Ghost of Kiev” fighter pilot was shooting down every Russian jet over the Ukrainian capital. Fake story.

They said Russia bombed a Holocaust memorial in Kiev. Fake story.

They said Russia was plotting to round up and execute gay people in Ukraine. Obviously fake.

Meanwhile, here are real things that the media won’t tell you.

They won’t tell you that the Ukrainian military has a literal neo-Nazi unit. I’m not saying that the way liberals do, where everyone they don’t like is a Nazi. I mean that the founder of the unit literally is a Nazi who loves Hitler. So this unit, the Azov Battalion, controls the city of Mariupol. According to a Greek civilian in the city, they have patrols roaming around and will execute anybody who tries to leave.

There’s a reason for this: Because Ukraine’s government wants civilians to get killed. They’ve calculated that the only way they’ll get foreign intervention to save them is to frame Russia for genocide, and the only way they can do that is by using civilians as human shields everywhere they can.

There are armed gangs kidnapping alleged “traitors” and executing them without trials, and members of the Ukrainian government celebrate it. A unit of Ukraine’s armed forces have made Facebook posts boasting that they won’t take any prisoners, and will execute any Russians who try to surrender.

These are the stories the press is hiding from you. This doesn’t mean Russia is perfect, it doesn’t mean Ukraine is satanic. What it means is that war is ugly and horrible for everyone involved in it, which is a big reason we just shouldn’t be involved at all.

All of this would be bad enough if Ukraine mattered even a bit. But of course, it doesn’t. Ukraine isn’t some embattled bastion of freedom. It’s a dysfunctional democracy run by corrupt oligarchs who paid massive bribes to Joe Biden’s son.

The people who want a war tell us that freedom is at stake. Of course, as we told you the last few days, Ukraine wasn’t even more free than Russia before this war started.

Here’s the truth. Marco Rubio and all the other Republicans are obsessed with “freedom” in Ukraine for the same reason they’re obsessed with Cuba and Venezuela and who knows where else. They like  to look tough toward other countries because they’re too cowardly to stand up against the real assault on freedom, right here in this country.

Let’s be real: Is Vladimir Putin coming to take away your guns? Is he trying to force you to put pronouns in your bio? Is he threatening to abduct your children to perform sex changes on them? Is he gutting your schools to replace actual education with a bunch of critical race theory? Is he seizing your bank account if you donated to the wrong protest or coercing you into a Bioweapon shot?

Nope, of course not. All these things are happening in the U.S. or Canada right now, from our leaders. Now, they want to use this conflict as an excuse to strip even more freedom. For the past two years, they banned everyone they felt like for Covid or election “disinformation.” Soon, it’s going to be speech bans for Ukraine “disinformation.” It’s already happening in some places. In the Czech Republic in Europe, their equivalent of the attorney general is warning people that they could go to prison for three years if they express support for Russia or defend its invasion.

Make no mistake; our leaders want to be able to do the same things here. They say this is about “democracy,” but for them, “democracy” is just them in power doing whatever they want, forever.

Here’s some history for you. Ukraine used to not be a country at all. Four hundred years ago, its pieces were split up between Poland, Russia, and a Muslim empire called the Crimean khanate. About half the country was basically uninhabited, because if you tried to start a town there, Muslim raiders would simply ride in, kidnap you, and sell you into slavery. Well, in the 1700s, Russia conquered this whole region. They settled the parts that were uninhabited. They conquered the Crimea and the parts owned by Poland. Later, the borders of Ukraine were created by Vladimir Lenin after his Communist Revolution.

What does this mean? It’s why Ukraine is such a mess today. Because those empty parts of Ukraine that Russia settled were settled by Russians. They speak Russian, they call themselves Russians, they’d rather just be in Russia rather than Ukraine. When the Soviet Union fell, they simply used the borders created by the Communists. So what you have is this failed country where half the population is pro-Russia and half hates Russia. That’s too bad, but then we went and made it worse.

In 1990, the Soviet Union allowed the two Germanies  to reunify. When they agreed to that, we promised them that we would not expand NATO any further east. But as soon as the Soviet Union collapsed, we simply broke that promise. We let in Poland, and Hungary, and Romania, and a bunch of other countries. This made Russia freak out, because guess what, NATO is an alliance created to fight Russia.

For the last 15 years, the U.S. has been agitating for Ukraine to join NATO too. But this was happening too slowly, so we decided to meddle in that country. In 2014, Ukraine had a revolution. CNN will claim that they overthrew a “dictator” to restore” democracy.” That’s BS.

Ukraine’s president in 2014 was democratically elected; everybody on all sides admitted that the vote to elect him was fair. But then we were unhappy when he started to pursue more pro-Russia policies. So when some people started pulling BLM-style protests against his government, our CIA gave them support. So did our media. It was all a stunt, to make a violent coup d’etat look like a “popular uprising.” You had rioters murder police, and then when the police shot back, we claimed this “dictator” was just “massacring” “civilians.” Totally bogus.

But we ramped up the pressure, and forced the Ukrainian president to flee the country. Then, a new government came in that was more eager to be our slave. This is the government that paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in bribes to Hunter Biden.

This government also did everything that Democrats want to do here: They kicked all their political enemies out of their jobs. They banned TV channels they don’t like. They arrested their political opponents and made trumped-up treason charges.

Well, some parts of Ukraine didn’t go along with this coup. They fought back, and they turned to Russia. For the past eight years, we’ve had a million chances to compromise. We could have agreed to keep Ukraine out of NATO. We could have pressured Ukraine to become more decentralized, so both the ethnic Russians and ethnic Ukrainians could be happy. But we didn’t. So finally, Russia got fed up, and here we are.

So that’s what happened. Before the deep state used BLM and a lying media and ballot fraud to steal the 2020 election, they practiced it in Ukraine. This war is just what happens when the target of one of these revolutions fights backs. The ethnic Russians in Ukraine are like our January 6 protesters, and the Deep State wants to crush them for the same reason they want to crush the January Sixers. If you want to blame anyone for this war, blame the deep state.

Source of history:

Dr David Martin & Stew Peters – Patented Genocide / The Corruption Goes Right to the Top / No virus

Source: Dr David Martin & Stew Peters – Patented Genocide / The Corruption Goes Right to the Top / No virus

Video taken from Stew Peters Show. – This has to be the most hardcore interview so far on this scamdemic. There is no virus. All the political class are in on it and under control, the whole legal system is in on it and the bioweapon injection is designed to take out all our military first and then to depopulate most of the planet. Are the CCP going to depopulate China as well I wonder or maybe depopulate the world for more living space for the Chinese.