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There is NO WAY They Could Hide THIS (Is There??) | SGT Report on Patreon

Source: There is NO WAY They Could Hide THIS (Is There??) | SGT Report on Patreon

There is NO WAY They Could Hide THIS (Is There??)

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FIRST: This is just a conversation between two intelligent, caring people. Keep that in mind. For the record, I am NOT a “flat earther”. However, after doing MY OWN research, I have become something of a “Globe-as-were-told” skeptic. The official globe math, like the official story of 9/11,  just does NOT add up..

SECOND: I KNOW this is challenging information, but I also know that if you LISTEN with an open heart (and mind) and then research for yourself, you WILL learn that whatever this place is, it’s not what the enemies of humanity tell us it is. GOD bless you one and all. ~SGT

They wouldn’t lie to us about THIS – YouTube

Published on Feb 19, 2019

NASA would like you to continue to believe they have been telling you the truth, about the moon landings, and the Mars rover…. and the dirt under your feet. Are they telling you the truth?
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Published on Sep 8, 2018

I wanted to talk to you about Russia and the scientific community. It seems that Russia has been researching the Biblical Firmament and also the Flat Earth debate since the 1950s. In a recently declassified document that was released in 2000, the CIA revealed that Russia has actually been doing research on the firmament for quite. This new information comes from a flat earth conference through Pastor Dean O Dale. While watching his YouTube channel Pastor O Dale, shared declassified documents from the CIA.