House GOP introduces bill naming China top national security threat but Democrats won’t go along because Joe Biden, their candidate, appears compromised by Beijing –

Image: House GOP introduces bill naming China top national security threat but Democrats won’t go along because Joe Biden, their candidate, appears compromised by Beijing

Source: House GOP introduces bill naming China top national security threat but Democrats won’t go along because Joe Biden, their candidate, appears compromised by Beijing –

Friday, October 23, 2020 by: 

(Natural News) House Republicans have introduced a bill that would name the Chinese Communist Party the “United States’ prevailing economic and national security threat of this generation,” but there is zero chance it’ll pass because the Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, is reportedly linked financially to Beijing.

Nevertheless, the legislation is important for what it says, what it acknowledges, and for putting Democrats and the big tech giants who support them on record for siding with the interests of an authoritarian regime instead of their own country.

The Epoch Times reports: 

The 25-page legislation, titled the China Task Force Act, bundled together 137 key China-related legislative recommendations, including existing bills, resolutions, and other measures, for speedy passage. They cover a wide range of issues, including proposals to sell arms to Taiwan, secure safe 5G networks, punish the Chinese regime’s suppression of ethnic minorities, curb imports of Chinese products made with slave labor, and condemn China’s organ trafficking.

The No TikTok on Government Devices Act, would ban TikTok from all government employees’ electronic devices, while the CONFUCIUS Act aims to limit the influence of Chinese-funded Confucius Institutes on U.S. campuses. A portion of the measures has already passed through the House or the Senate.

And let’s not forget that the U.S. and the world are still dealing with the Wuhan coronavirus, thanks to Chinese incompetence (or hostile intentions — we haven’t decided which one it is, yet).

“The United States’ goal should be the end of the CCP’s monopoly on power, rather than indefinite coexistence with a fundamentally hostile communist state,” the legislation says.

GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), who we hope will replace his crusty California counterpart, Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, if Republicans retake the chamber next month, introduced the legislation with Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Texas). 

McCarthy called the bill a “milestone in our efforts to hold China accountable” for a range of issues including cyber theft, the virus, unfavorable trade practices, and non-stop espionage.

The GOP leader also acknowledged that if Joe Biden wins the presidential election, China’s biggest nemesis in generations — President Donald Trump — goes away and Beijing will have a free hand to manipulate America and its elected leaders.

“For more than 40 years, we have seen China’s ruthless rise in power result in attacks on freedom and human rights around the world. And for far too long the United States’ policy of accommodation, as underscored by the Obama-Biden administration, has only continued to enable the Chinese Communist Party’s brutal dictatorship,” McCarthy said.

“House Republicans not only understand the complexities of the CCP threat, but through our work on the China Task Force, we put forward a comprehensive blueprint that will be critical in curbing China’s dangerous behavior and securing America’s prominence on the world stage,” he added.

The legislation comes as new allegations of corruption involving Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and Chinese interests surfaced ahead of the final Trump-Biden presidential debate.

An email released by Senate investigators indicates that Hunter Biden was provided with some $4.8 million from a now-defunct Chinese energy company with ties to the regime. The CEFC conglomerate proposed an “interest-free” loan to the Biden family “based on their trust of the [Biden] family[.]”

The July 26, 2017, email to Hunter Biden’s business partner, Tony Bobulinksi, adds: “Should CEFC keep lending more money to the family?”

“Through our actions and priorities, House Republicans continue to act on our Commitment to America agenda to rebuild the greatest economy in a generation,” McCarthy, in his statement, continued. 

“Making America more secure and more prosperous should not be a political issue,” he added. “Democrats should finally join us in holding the CCP accountable — our country, and the world, can no longer afford inaction.”

They should. But because of the Bidens, Democrats won’t.


FBI continuing to play the role of deep state guardian by covering for Joe and Hunter Biden in latest bid to harm Trump –

Image: FBI continuing to play the role of deep state guardian by covering for Joe and Hunter Biden in latest bid to harm Trump

Source: FBI continuing to play the role of deep state guardian by covering for Joe and Hunter Biden in latest bid to harm Trump –

(Natural News) Supporters of President Donald Trump who thought things would improve at the pathetically politicized FBI in the wake of dirty James Comey’s firing are beginning to see that nothing at all has changed under his replacement, Christopher Wray.

By now, most readers know about the damning contents of a laptop left at a Delaware computer repair shop by Hunter Biden last year that, if true, details stunning new revelations about the depth of corruption involving him and his father, current Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

What we’ve also learned in the days since the New York Post first reported details of the corruption contained in emails and other material found on the laptop is that it was turned over to the FBI in December 2019 by the shop owner after he discovered disturbing content involving Hunter Biden while downloading its content.

In addition to allegations of alleged corruption and videos of pornography, reports claim that there is even evidence of criminal activity — another reason why the shop owner contacted the FBI (that, and it involved a former vice president and his son).

What has the FBI done with the evidence since? Answer: Absolutely nothing. In fact, there are reports that the FBI is investigating some uncorroborated, unsubstantiated Russia disinformation connection instead.

Yes, that’s right: The FBI is investigating Russia, not the Bidens, just like this is 2016 all over again, including another allegedly corrupt Democratic presidential candidate.

Sen. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, is demanding to know what the FBI is doing about corroborating the information on the laptop and if so, whether or not the bureau is looking into them instead of chasing more Russian ghosts.

Fox News reports: 

Sen. Ron Johnson is calling on FBI Director Christopher Wray to confirm or deny details regarding a laptop said to have belonged to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden.

Johnson, R-Wis., said in a letter to Wray obtained by Fox News that a whistleblower contacted his committee on September 24, claiming to possess a laptop that Hunter Biden left at his business, and that he had turned it over to the FBI. Johnson noted that staff immediately asked the FBI to confirm certain details in order to validate the claim, but the bureau said they would not confirm or deny any of the information included in their request.

“The FBI has a duty to inform us. If they believe this was maybe Russian disinformation, they should give us a defensive briefing,” Johnson told “Sunday Morning Futures.” “If, for example, they also believe that what information this whistleblower gave us is fraudulent, that would also be a crime, and FBI should tell us that.”

He also said that what the FBI knows about the Bidens and when they discovered it speaks to a “larger issue.”

“Why did they sit on it? Are they covering up just because Hunter Biden might be engaged in things that also maybe should have been investigated and possibly prosecuted? Do we have two systems of justice: one for Democrats and one for Republicans? One for the well-connected versus one for the rest of the Americans?” he asked.

One of the things he found “pretty odd” was the revelation that, according to an email allegedly found on the laptop, Hunter introduced his dad to a ranking official with Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, where Hunter served as a board member for tens of thousands of dollars per month.

Joe Biden has said previously he didn’t know anything about his son’s foreign business dealings.

“The Biden campaign, all they’ve done to refute or deny any of this is to say that the meeting one of these emails revealed that Vice President Biden had with the No. 3 in control of Burisma never showed up on his official calendar,” Johnson said. “There’s all kinds of meetings that didn’t show up on his official calendar. This wouldn’t surprise me if this one didn’t.”

“For these reasons, the committee must know whether the FBI has assessed the validity of materials the whistleblower has provided, and what, if any, actions the FBI has taken since obtaining this information,” Johnson added.

So what it seems like we have here is the same cover-up mode from an unchanged FBI, just a different election cycle.


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China is Blackmails the biden’s for USA control

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