Do you ever wonder why when you go up at a high altitude, you don’t see the stars?

“Those (Morons) Who Do Not Learn From History Are Doomed To Repeat It.” – George Santayana (1863-1952)

The official version of human history is a construct of lies. We are in a state of collective amnesia. Let’s free ourselves from the artificial matrix that has been imposed on us.

LHFE 1:1 – The Lost History of Flat Earth [01.01.2020]
Ewaranon’s ‘What On Earth Happened?’ (All 13 Parts Full)

LHFE 2:1 [Oct 29, 2021]

Ewar-Anon: What On Earth Happened? Part 7 – Eyes Wide Open! [15.11.2021]

LHFE 2:2 [Dec 9, 2021]

LHFE 2:3 [Jan 19, 2022]

LHFE 2:4 ‘END’ [25.04.2022]

LHFE ‘Rædels’ LLG:1 Trailer (Comming Soon) [20.04.2022]

LLG: 1 The Labyrinth of the Lost Guild – Chapter One [25.04.2022]

LHFE 2:END – ANNEX 1 [10.05.2022]

AEWAR/Ewaranon LLG:2 [26.05.2022]

AEWAR/Ewaranon: Tartaria HIS-Story Same Old Shit, New Coat of Paint! [22.06.2022]

And much more…

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