Fake viruses | Lethal 5G 

Source: Fake viruses | Lethal 5G

Dr. Andrew Kaufman and filmmaker Marcy Cravat join me to discuss germ theory, fake viruses and very real and potentially lethal 5G. Their new film TERRAIN premieres at Ickonic.com later this month. Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8580522 ”

Oversight needed, US Federal Law Enforcement, disposition matrix, gov. harassment and asset seizure https://is.gd/nTQsa2 ~ Blackb3rry Clu3s on Brighteon https://is.gd/JzGhgi

The final refutal of virology https://bit.ly/3BcBxNo ~ The truth about rabies, tobacco mosaic virus, graphene, and 2nd phase of control experiments results https://is.gd/bxYn3J

Report #133: David Noakes on GcMAF cancer treatments, FDA/MHRA/Pharma corruption, & wrongful charges https://is.gd/jyeQSe ~ BitChute { noakes falconscafe https://is.gd/7U24Xb }

The cover up continues – Share this with all vaccinated, who have been lied to by their doctors https://is.gd/roU1Mw ~ Whistleblower: Hospitals killing for organs, “This is absolutely evil and a crime against humanity!” https://is.gd/NXRVVi

Lee Garrett court case, no case no answer, COVID cover up Nightingale Hospital / Vax centre, lies https://is.gd/R84Fim ~ They are chipping and tracking people with 5G so they can be attacked once they get the kill shot https://is.gd/h4OOsK ~ The 5G Vaccine Centre at Sunderland Nightingale Hospital – Court proceedings explained ~ Lee Garrett https://is.gd/Cl16sR

Moon truth https://is.gd/YZFiZu ~ 7 rockets hit dome ! https://is.gd/LoZvKK

Covid Vaccine Scientific Proof Lethal https://www.saveusnow.org.uk/covid-vaccine-scientific-proof-lethal/ Source: Get this shared all over – Action time is now Here is the science link, the crime ref# is 6029679/21 https://is.gd/T6IPXn

Expert Report – Fifth Generation (5G) Directed Energy Radiation Emissions in the context of Nanometal-contaminated Vaccines that include Covid-19 with Graphite Ferrous Oxide Antennas – ​By Mark Steele https://is.gd/ICsxsU ~ This needs to go out to all who have been jabbed They need to start making those criminal complainst https://is.gd/EBY93K ~ Barrie Trower & Mark Steele on 5G (+8dB) https://is.gd/RPSH6z ~ Electromagnetic pulse causes man’s death https://is.gd/MyknDx ~ 5G is a target acquiring weapon system – This is not for control but an extermination technology https://is.gd/mXXqXG ~ Microtechnology in Pfizer’s vaccine https://is.gd/aemj3z ~ Complex Microtechnology in Pfizer vaccine vial https://is.gd/UkHa0Z ~ Facial recognition and direct energy weapons: Gearing up to take out the vaxxinated https://is.gd/wUAS44 saveusnow.org.uk ~ Gangstalker Wars: Security Industry Specialist Tells All https://is.gd/TReGEC ~ Gangstalker Wars: Details of Social Engineering Program Exposed https://is.gd/6EnI9r

Streetlight weaponization 5G LED toxic ecocide – Lots of people asking for this banned video https://is.gd/4aOte9 ~ Gateshead mass murder – 5G kill grid installed – sore eyes bleeding eyes nose etc. https://is.gd/u8lbvg saveusnow.org.uk

If you don’t know what causes what they call a virus you will never know unless you read the science https://is.gd/auRSDr

Dr. David Martin | Exposing the coup d’etat & the plot to steal America https://is.gd/nXACYc ~ Live: Dr. David Martin explosive COVID analysis: Best of 2021 most viral moments and interviews! https://is.gd/FVl7Ad ~ DAVID E. MARTIN – Exposing Moderna; the Star of Plandemic: Indoctornation Reveals the Truth https://freedomplatform.tv/david-e-martin-exposing-moderna-the-star-of-plandemic-indoctrination-reveals-the-truth/ ~ Dr. David Martin speech at Wise Traditions Conference ~ November 5th 2021 https://is.gd/xRYJYo ~ Dr. David Martin: COVID treasonous acts ~ Published November 4th 2021 https://is.gd/cUQrBW ~ Google { david martin exposes names faces https://is.gd/FRBBSc }

COVID-19 test fraud, also carcinogenic https://is.gd/vVdwXh ~ The China-NHS lateral flow test, massive fraud, for those that lost work.. or murdered on COVID ward https://is.gd/7tpuF2

VAERS analysis reveals irrefutable data showing criminal collusion between vaccine companies https://is.gd/9vDrNf

Stop saying that you had it, stop saying you know someone who had it ~ Amandha Vollmer https://is.gd/9jkcqM ~ Your future The SPARS pandemic 2025 – 2028 https://is.gd/kCajO1

Bioweapon nanocensors: Dr. Ariyana Love exposes horrific ingredients in clot shot https://is.gd/oXedaC

Bioweapon genie: Dr. Sherri Tenpenny warn humanity about killer inoculations https://is.gd/1JuR3e

Vax induced mass death: Funeral Director predicts COVID camps and jab genocide https://is.gd/40lBii


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