We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook: Powerful New Collaborative Video Dismantles the Greatest State Sponsored Hoax in American History

Updated! We need to talk about Sandy Hook: Powerful New Collaborative Video Dismantles the Greatest State Sponsored Hoax in American History

Notes by Ken Adachi, Editor
December 1, 2014

We need to talk about Sandy Hook: Powerful New Collaborative Video Dismantles The Greatest State Sponsored Hoax in American History (Dec. 1, 2014)

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The degree and extent of criminality surrounding the Sandy Hook deception is mind boggling. When you consider the complicity of the governor, state police, the medical examiner, state attorney general, Newtown officials, its police and fire department, emergency personnel, school officials, crisis actors, make believe parents of make believe children victims, fabricated teachers, school principal, & school nurse, CNN liars, etc., you have to wonder if there’s an honest soul left standing in the Banana Republic of Connecticut. Will these well paid criminals ever be brought to justice?

Thank God for the Internet and its dedicated YouTube bloggers who are the only remaining bastion of truth-seeking reporters available to the American public who are now cast adrift in a sea of Zionist created propaganda and hoaxed news events.

This video is 2 hours and 46 minutes long and is the best video seen to date exposing the lies and liars of Sandy Hook. A joint collaboration of YouTube bloggers, this video is polished and well produced, a tribute to the care and dedication of those who made it.

I suggest that you download the video and burn it to a disc. This video needs to be seen by millions of Americans. It’s important information and needs to be shared. Anyone with a brain and some time to search on the internet can discover rich veins of deceit to uncover in the Sandy Hook ruse since there was such a large number of inept and bumbling players involved. All online published reports by the Connecticut State Police, audio recordings, videos, etc., of the Sandy Hokum ruse can be found at this link:


We need to talk about Sandy Hook

Update Dec. 4, 2014: YouTube has taken down this video twice since it was first posted on Dec. 1. I’ve now switched over to an archived copy of the video to prevent further censorship attempts. The source URL contains the same video embedded here if you have trouble viewing the video on this page….Ken Adachi

Backup copy if the video shown below is taken down: Send me an email if you can’t view the video below. Request a backup copy download

https://archive.org/details/WeNeedToTalkAboutSandyHook_201412 (since taken down)

Update Dec. 10, 2014: The archived copy is also now being censored “The Connection has timed out”)

We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook from Illuminated on Vimeo.

Update Dec. 13, 2014. An unprecedented effort is underway to censor this video off the internet by government/Zionist operatives who do not want the public to see this damning indictment of lies and liars surrounding Sandy Hook. This is the fifth replacement YouTube upload posted here since Dec. 1. The notes posted with the video link explain the story…Ken Adachi

Latest Update June 6, 2018: This video remained on YouTube, Vimeo, LiveLeak and other popular videos sites for a while, but chekcing today, I see that most of these sites say: “This video does not exist” etc. After searching, I found it on archive .org, which is linked below. Do not assume that it will remain online, even there. The JWO is now making a renewed effort to sell the idea that Sandy Hook was a real shooting and has gone so far as to the have some of the “parents” of non existent “victims” of Sandy Hook file a big lawsuit against Alex Jones for suggesting that it was a hoax. I’ve also noticed that almost all of the YouTube videos that showed evidence that Sandy Hook was a staged hoax, have now been taken down from Jewish-controlled YouTube, and in their place are a flood of newer videos that support the official Sandy Hook Party Line and are denigrating and smearing any YouTuber who had exposed Sandy Hook as a ruse. There is now a larger and more aggressive army of Hasbara trollstaking over the comment section of any YouTube videos that exposes the Sandy Hook hoax and further cheers on the newer disinformation YouTube videos that support the official Party Line on Sandy Hook.

Sandy Hook Film Exposes a Deeply Subverted Nation
“This is what happens as society devolves into a satanic cult. People become demons in droves.”
by Henry Makow  Ph.D.

December 2, 2014


Thousands of people were involved in perpetrating this hoax. They represent the secret Masonic Jewish (Illuminati) ruling class.

An almost three-hour-long documentary entitled “We Need to Talk About Sandy Hook” by a team of independent researchers proves that the Sandy Hook “massacre” Dec. 14, 2012 was a hoax designed to traumatize Americans and advance the gun control agenda.

Thousands were involved in perpetrating this hoax. They represent the secret Masonic Jewish ruling class who wish to consolidate their power in a veiled police state. Virtually everybody with influence in society was involved.
The cross-section includes the mass media, politicians and police from federal, state and local level, crisis actors, people with connections to large corporations and the Council on Foreign Relations, coroners, psychiatrists and finally hundreds of ordinary citizens who served as “extras.”

The citizen journalists at Independent Media Solidarity who made this film go into considerable detail. They establish that:

rosen.jpg(The insufferable Gene Rosen)

1. Numerous crises actors were used. People posed as bereaved parents. Child victims were invented and fake pictures were used. Gene Rosen who sheltered some bereaved children in his home iscaught on tape rehearsing his story. He is also filmed at the school when he was supposed to be at home consoling the children.

2.   Connecticut legislators are complicit in the cover up. They sealed all crime scene photographs and records of autopsies in order to prevent the hoax from being revealed. There is a five year jail term for revealing any information dealing with any homicide. One opponent of this move correctly termed it “Orwellian.”

Vance.jpg3. The official police report is shown to be a fraud. It describes an evacuation which a police cruiser camera proves never took place. When Paul Vance, left, the spokesman for the Connecticut State Police, is told that the public is his master, he replies eerily, “No I am your Master.”

4. There is no evidence that proves Adam Lanza was at the school that morning. In fact, there are suggestions that pictures of Adam are actually his brother Ryan at an earlier age.  Adam and Ryan may be one and the same person.

5. Websites asking for donations and advising “how to talk to children about Sandy Hook” were put online a daybefore the event took place.
dawn.jpg6. Dawn Hochsprung, the principal of Sandy Hook, is quoted in the Newtown Beeas describing the rampage. Later the story is revised to say she was killed immediately. The reporter later prevaricated that a mystery women pretending to be Hochsprung gave him the description.

7. The people impersonating grieving parents have received hundreds of thousand of dollars in donations and many have made lucrative careers as professional anti-gun lobbyists.

There is much more but you get the idea. I was especially appalled by the number of Jews like Rosen involved as character actors or journalists. But many more Gentiles obviously are willing to betray their country in order to get a piece of the action.

We shouldn’t be surprised that Sandy Hook was a hoax. So were 9-11, the Boston bombings and probably the recent Ottawa shooting. Government sponsored terror and false flags have become a part of daily life. Obviously they will continue until the perpetrators are exposed. In this regard, the makers of this documentary deserve our gratitude.

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“Government” itself is not to blame. Government becomes an instrument of oppression when it has been subverted. The same applies to the mass media which is an instrument of Illuminati mind control.

Watching this documentary, I had a frightening premonition, which has obviously already taken place. Whole sections of society have simply gone over to the devil, deliberately deceiving and defrauding their fellow citizens. This is what happens as society devolves into a satanic cult. People become demons in droves.

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